Monday 25 April 2022

MOSS & ADAMS - The Great British Collection

Moss & Adams Handwash Collection Bottles
Fragrance is always thought of as the one item that can immediately cheer you up if you’re feeling down and even give you confidence if you’re feeling unsure. It’s part of our everyday armoury but, for many, it’s no longer an essential. With inflation and energy bills currently going through the roof, and perfume beginning to be considered an extravagance, the good news is that there’s an alternative. The past few years have seen us washing our hands more than ever before, and this is the inexpensive way for you to easily add scent into your daily life. That’s why it's the perfect time to discover the Moss & Adams collection.

With many people still working from home, and often not even spritzing the perfumes they already own, the handwash market has continued to grow. However, with luxury price tags often in the region of £25 for 250ml, it’s still out of many people’s reaches. Moss & Adams on the other hand have launched six handwashes in 500ml bottles which, and this is the amazing part, retail for a budget-friendly £2.50. Before you even think that the price of these means they’re low quality, bad for the environment, or have a huge carbon footprint, let me tell you about this ground-breaking collection.

Moss & Adams Snowdon Falls Handwash Bottle
Moss & Adams is manufactured in Yorkshire and originally launched in 2017. However, in 2021 the brand had a revamp. The formula became 99% natural, including the addition of antibacterial properties, the cleanser became fully plant-based, and it gained Vegan Society certification. On top of this, the plastic bottle is now fully recyclable and made with 100% UK sourced recycled plastic. The inspiration for the various fragrances comes from locations around Britain and, with the scents structured as expertly as fragrances, you’re guaranteed some serious sink-side travel. So, are you ready to come on a journey with me?

Let’s start with the website exclusive Snowdon Falls, which is inspired by Wales’ highest mountain. You get an uplifting watery floral accord of freesia and lotus, along with a touch of peony, but the developing scent brings forward the aroma of a dewy rose mixed with a gentle wash of amber. Our next stop sees us visiting Windermere Lake, the largest natural lake in England. The refreshing notes of lemon and mandarin combine with a whisper of tangy rhubarb but, alongside touches of effervescent spearmint, there’s a depth that comes from the combination of the dry cedarwood and delicately sweetened patchouli.

Moss & Adams Mullion Cove Handwash Bottle
The exciting Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire is where we now find ourselves, and it’s time to indulge thanks to the aromatic blend of lavender, juniper and geranium. However, there’s also time to enjoy citrus nuances before notes of pine and cedarwood place you firmly in the heart of the forest. A long drive now to Cornwall and a stop at Mullion Cove on the Lizard Peninsula. The second website exclusive, this oceanic scent combines watery lily of the valley with piercing hyacinth but, alongside a rose and powdery iris, a dramatic cedarwood and flint accord makes this my favourite of the collection.

It’s a long journey now back up to Scotland as we head for Melrose Grove. This is a beautiful fruity medley of tart rhubarb with raspberry and blackcurrant, all supported by a watery note of lily. As the fragrance fades on the skin, you’re also treated to a relaxing sweetened musk. We finish our travels in the rolling hills of the Peak District’s Dovedale Valley. Earthy vetiver and delicate violet are the key players here but, after a citrus opening of lime and bergamot, a jasmine and patchouli pairing add to the feeling of the expansive scenery.

The full collection is available from the Moss & Adams website at priced at £2.50 for 500ml or £10 for all six. The handwashes are also available widely from supermarkets such as Morrisons, Dunelm and Ocado. Snowdon Falls and Mullion Cove are exclusive to the website. [Samples provided by Moss & Adams]


  1. This is SO up my street! £10 for all six? Come to me!

    1. Hello Sam, thank you for your comment. The fragrances are so good and, at £10, they really are a bargain. Best, Stephan