Monday 18 April 2022

BLACK CAVIAR by Electimuss London

Black Caviar perfume bottle by Electimuss London
The word “luxury” is one that is used very freely in the world of perfume, but it doesn’t always feel as though it suits every intended subject. There are many aspects that can let the whole experience down. This could be an ill-thought-out piece of packaging or, in some instances, scents that don’t live up to expectations. To be a truly luxury brand you need all of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to fit together perfectly. One of the most recent examples of a company that has got it exactly right is
Electimuss London. Now in its seventh successful year, let’s go back to the beginning and rediscover the indulgently decadent Black Caviar.

Electimuss was founded in 2015 by Luke Granger and Jason Collison. They originally launched with seven fragrances and collected them into what was called the Pure Perfume Series. Of the original line-up it would only be two, Black Caviar and Rodanthe, that would survive the subsequent rebrand and relaunch. In 2020 Claire Sokell Thompson joined the company and, with a very clear direction, Electimuss was elevated from an already well received niche level to the luxury category it now occupies. Bottles, boxes, caps and contents were all refreshed in order to offer the finest experience for their customers.

Electimuss takes its inspiration from the Romans, and in particular their love of perfume. It featured in every aspect of their daily lives, from bathing to anointing, and they truly realised the power that scent possessed. The current collection is split into five ranges - Eternal, Nero, Consort, Lustrous and Emperor. Each focuses on a different aspect of perfumery, spanning everything from indulgent ingredients to the Roman’s obsession with the heavens and on to signature scents, but the variety of fragrances is breath-taking. The company’s name translates as “to choose the best”, and that certainly applies to the Electimuss range.

Box for Black Caviar fragrance by Electimuss
Black Caviar
was one of the seven original fragrances that launched the brand back in 2015, and was created by perfumer Marco Genovese. It now proudly sits within the Nero Collection, which is named after the famous Emperor and playfully calls itself “unashamedly decadent and powerful”. Nero was known for having been wildly extravagant, and this fragrance really does feel like it revels in being at the very heart of the whole Electimuss range. Black Caviar is described as being an aromatic, oceanic fougère fragrance but, with the Emperor's eyes looking down on us, does it live up to his legendary opulent expectations?

Black Caviar erupts with a green aromatic quality, reminiscent of sharp mint and rosemary, before being joined by notes of salty cumin and geranium. This latter pairing gives a sensual skin quality to the fragrance, and is clearly where the caviar aspect is weaved into the scent. The lavender arrives accompanied by a floral sweetness, imagine the delicacy of rosewater, before an earthy pairing of vetiver and patchouli starts to anchor the scent. There’s a final touch of tonka bean and oakmoss as the fragrance settles but, in the background, a clever note of cedarwood and incense ensures Black Caviar always maintains an exciting crispness. Am I allowed to call this the perfect aquatic fougère? I guess I just have.

Black Caviar is available from the Electimuss website at priced at £225 for 100ml, or from Jovoy in London. There's also a sample set of all 19 fragrances in 1.8ml vials for £75, which is fully redeemable against a purchase. [Sample provided by Electimuss]

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