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Bottle of Atkinsons 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract Cologne
As hard as we try, time can often be cruel to both people and companies. The first flush of youth or success can be replaced by a faded lustre and an ageing appearance. Now, people can have a little bit of cosmetic help to regain their sparkle, but reviving a company is a much bigger challenge. Corporate takeovers, selling the company outside of the founder’s family, both of these can see the original ethos reduced to a shadow of its former self. So, when it was announced that Atkinsons was going to get a facelift it was met with a wave of excitement, and 24 Old Bond Street was the glorious result.

Atkinsons was founded in 1799 and took London society by storm with its rose scented hair pomade, which was made from bears’ grease. This might not sound particularly appealing to us today, but it actually secured their reputation and began a journey that would see them conquer the world through the export of their subsequent fragrances. Their popularity began to wane after the Second World War, simply because shoppers were looking for something different, and the company was eventually sold to new investors. However, a new set of owners arrived in 2008, and the lustre of this historic house returned.

The new owners effectively relaunched Atkinsons in 2013 with new bottles, a new set of legacy fragrances based on previous releases, and even fragrances inspired by famous customers. The elevated packaging and scents struck a chord with fragrance fans, many of whom were new to the brand, and Atkinsons was once again a name that meant quality and originality. The fragrance that spearheaded the relaunch of the company was called 24 Old Bond Street, named after their original head office in London and inspired by one of their earliest releases. However, there were changes about to be made.

Box for Atkinsons 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract Cologne
24 Old Bond Street was created by perfumers Violaine Collas and Christine Nagel, and came as a traditional cologne. This effervescent style perfectly captured the Britishness of the brand but, even though it was popular, customers wanted more. So, a Triple Extract version was launched in 2014. The fragrance was fundamentally similar but the strength increased and the overall effect intensified, especially in the base. However, the perfumers cleverly managed to keep the airyness of the original version so it retained its timeless elegance. Now housed in a sleek black bottle, I think it’s time we took a walk down Old Bond Street.

The fragrance opens with a beautiful note of juniper berry that is given a touch more bite thanks to the green galbanum, but very quickly the promised rose arrives. This is balanced with an iris-like powderiness, so the pairing stays muted rather than becoming an overpowering floral, and almost takes on the aroma of rose pouchong tea. There’s then a textural tweed quality that comes from the combination of a deliciously dry cardamom and incense note, before a smooth tonka bean and oaky whisky adds a refined decadence that is addictive. The lasting effect on the skin is one of delicately sweetened whisky and tweed, so you certainly won’t feel out of place on Old Bond Street.

24 Old Bond Street - Triple Extract is available from the Atkinsons website at priced at €125 for 100ml. [Sample provided by Aspects Beauty]

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