Monday 7 November 2022

GREEN SPELL by Eris Parfums

Eris Parfums Green Spell Bottle by Antoine Lie and Barbara Herman
Green scents are for spring, citrus fragrances are for summer, woody perfumes are for autumn and amber concoctions are for winter. This is the rule that many fragrance fans still adhere to with a vengeance, and it’s always surprised me. The point of perfume is that it’s individual and transportive, whether that’s in a physical or emotional sense, so to have a fragrance pigeonholed to a particular season is something that we really need to stop doing. The perfect example is Green Spell from Eris Parfums. Originally thought of as a spring-inspired delight, it’s time to discover why it’s perfect for colder months as well.

When the weather starts to shift from the heady days of summer into the more introspective winter months, the accepted fashion is to spray liberally with a rich amber fragrance before cocooning yourself in scarfs and coats. These amber scents may conjure up warmth, but it’s my idea of hell. I’m happy to admit that I’m an aromatic citrus fan when it comes to fragrance, although I will reach for the resins when the mood takes me. However, cold weather really needs a good burst of a green citrus aromatic, and I’m going to tell you why.

The act of layering up your body with every wool garment known to man is a natural response to the cold. I understand that. My problem is, when you add warm and resinous fragrances into the mix, you run the risk of missing out on the most skin-tingling part of the year. Instead, spray your body and first layer of clothing with a sprightly green citrus aromatic scent. It’s then locked underneath your coat so, whether you’re going for a walk in the woods or tackling the commute to work, this uplifting scent will then slowly escape with an added hint of autumnal crispness.

Eris Parfums Green Spell Box of the perfume by Antoine Lie and Barbara Herman
Now, Green Spell was created by perfumer Antoine Lie and Eris Parfums founder Barbara Herman. Described as “a blast of happiness, an homage to nature that is sparkling and joyful”, it was released as the world began to exit the pandemic, and we all needed some encouragement to face the future. It may have originally been inspired by a spring day, but the extraordinary cocktail of green notes makes this perfume the perfect choice to amplify the crisp leaves underfoot and the diamond-like snow that is to come. Trust me, green scents are the ideal companion for cold winds and winter soirées.

Green Spell opens with a rush of piercing citrus and galbanum, so you’re immediately in crisp autumnal territory, before being joined by an arresting tomato leaf note. This pushes the green aspect to the maximum, and is honestly hypnotic. A woodland fruit quality is then conjured by a blend of blackcurrant bud along with a fig leaf aroma, but they feel as if they’re in the distance rather than up close because a honeyed floral touch from the narcissus almost hints at the flower bursting through crisp snow. In a clever move, the development of the fragrance is kept spacious thanks to a peppered vetiver mixing with a dry amber, and so you’re left with a final effect of green notes on a cashmere scarf. How would I describe Green Spell? Spellbinding.

Green Spell is available exclusively in the UK from Sainte Cellier at, or worldwide from the Eris Parfums website at, priced at £115 for 50ml or £7 for a 1.7ml sample. It can also be purchased in Sainte Cellier's Perfume Sample Trinity, which is your selection of any three 2ml samples from their website for £15. You can read my interview with Barbara Herman by clicking on the image below. [Sample proved by Eris Parfums]

Picture of Barbara Herman, founder of Eris Parfums

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