Monday 5 December 2022

My Top Three Diffusers For Christmas 2022

Isle of Skye Candle Company, Born of Botanics and Milan Cento Reed Diffusers
Those scented sticks that sit so comfortably inside your favourite diffuser are just as much a part of Christmas as the more traditional candle, although they’re often unfairly overlooked in the mad rush to suggest fragranced gifts and festive room aromas. We instantly gravitate towards the flickering flame, but there are thousands of reed diffusers that are also perfect for this time of the year. So, whether you’re looking for a seasonal hit of fir trees or an uplifting sparkle of seasonal citrus, I’ve picked out my Top Three Diffusers For Christmas. The only question is, will you be able to part with them?

Okay, let’s learn a little bit about diffusers before we plunge into my festive favourites. The diffuser dates back to 1990 and the accolade of “inventor” sits with Alessandro Agrati of Culti Milano. It is said that he accidentally discovered that rattan could hold scent, and an entire industry was literally born overnight. It seems such a simple idea to us now, but back then these scented sticks took the world by storm. Now, in the same way as candles, there are variations in both quality and performance. That’s why I’ve saved you the hassle by choosing my Top Three Diffusers For Christmas.

Born of Botanics Create Reed Diffuser
We’ll begin with a trip to Yorkshire and a stop at Born of Botanics. Christmas isn’t always about trees and resins, and their Create fragrance is an uplifting alternative with its vibrant citrus explosion. You are treated to a whole cavalcade of citrus ingredients, from lemon and lime to bergamot and neroli, but it’s given an aromatic edge thanks to the clever inclusion of lemongrass and peppermint. It also has an almost snow-like crispness, so you can enjoy the crunch underfoot without leaving your home. The Create Reed Diffuser is available from the Born of Botanics website and is priced at £36 for 100ml.

That brings us to the nostalgic world of 1989 and the powerhouse that is Milano Cento. This fragrance was revived in 2016, after an absence of twenty years, but the diffuser is new for 2022. The aroma is unashamedly “masculine” in style and revels in the heavy earthy and woody notes of oakmoss, vetiver and patchouli. With the support of an edgy lavender and citrus pairing, you get to experience a scent that is both powerful and unconventional for those that dare to be different. The Milano Cento Reed Diffuser is available from the Fragrance Counter website priced at £40 for 200ml.

Isle of Skye Candle Company Scots Pine Reed Diffuser
Let’s end with the ultimate Christmas Tree diffuser from the Isle of Skye Candle Company. Their Scots Pine fragrance takes the traditional scent of pine and fir but cleverly mixes it with aromatic touches of peppermint and rosemary. It’s this that lays the forest floor foundations, and makes your tree-filled room smell incredible. With a touch of orange for added festivities, you can boost the scent of a real tree or compensate for an artificial one, and even imagine yourself in the Loch Arkaig forest. The Scots Pine Reed Diffuser is available from the Isle of Skye Candle Company website and is priced at £27 for 100ml.

The fragrances that surround you during the Christmas period can really add to the holiday and, whether you end up using candles or diffusers, those scented memories will last a lifetime. [Samples provided by the companies]

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