Monday 20 February 2023

SUNSET HOUR by Goldfield & Banks

A bottle of Sunset Hour perfume from Goldfield And Banks
One of the hardest things for any perfume company to do is try and improve on an already loved fragrance. It often results in numerous flankers, which is industry speak for variations on a theme which may or may not bear any resemblance to the original. These can be fleeting novelties, or misjudged disasters, and so they should always be approached with caution. However, the other option is to present the original fragrance in a freshly inspired bottle. This is usually accompanied by a price increase, which is why the limited edition of Goldfield & BanksSunset Hour is such a welcome change and the perfect scent to take us into spring.

Goldfield & Banks was founded by Dimitri Weber who, while originally hailing from Belgium, has now settled in Australia. Years of visiting the country left a deep impression on him and so, when the time was right, he started a new life down under. During the course of his visits around Australia he’d become fascinated with the local flora and fauna, as well as the incredible scenery, and wondered whether all of this could be encapsulated into a perfume brand. This would become a real labour of love for Dimitri because this was, after all, where he now called home.

Each of the Goldfield & Banks fragrances is created in celebration of a particular ingredient that is native to Australia, and it’s this concept that has made the company fascinating to discover and also to wear. It’s a cliche, but each of Dimitri’s fragrances really is like a love story to Australia and, while they may be technically referred to as niche, they are deliciously wearable. After all, what’s the point in keeping a perfume in the cupboard? The complete collection is available in numerous boutiques around the world, but we’re heading to Harrods to discover the limited edition of Sunset Hour.

The box of Sunset Hour perfume from Goldfield And Banks
You cannot improve on the current formulation of Sunset Hour. That is my opinion, and the opinion of many others. So, when the company were looking at a way of releasing something special, specifically for Harrods, they decided to simply make the bottle rose gold. The fragrance was created by the inimitable Honorine Blanc who, whilst well versed in multiple styles, is arguably the Queen of the romantic perfume. She has a lightness of touch with sweet ingredients, an inspired ability to make you fall in love with florals, and a faultless fascination with the fruity. So, are you ready to welcome spring and enjoy the Sunset Hour?

The fragrance is designed to ease you into the evening, literally at the sunset hour, and it opens with a delicious blend of mandarin, nectarine and the salty/sour mix of the desert peach. Alongside an exciting dose of pink pepper, Honorine’s skill is immediately on display in the way this fruited aspect is kept vibrant rather than becoming sickly. The ginger then comes through accompanied by a romantic blend of jasmine and rose, but there’s a thorny green quality that adds an edgy mystery to the development. After a hint of coconut rum, and that is my type of evening, you’re finally treated to a woody rather than smooth sandalwood, before an expertly placed touch of warmed vanilla and distant pine sets you up for the night ahead. Sunset Hour is wonderfully unisex, intriguingly edgy, and perfect for lazy evenings with someone special.

The limited edition bottle of Sunset Hour is available exclusively from Harrods priced at £135 for 100ml, but the original bottle is also available from the Goldfield & Banks website at similarly priced at £135 for 100ml and £95 for 50ml. [Sample provided by Phoenix Beauty]

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