Monday 6 February 2023

AZZI'S ARCHIVE CANDLES by The Perfumer's Story

Azzi Glasser's new Azzi's Archive Candles
The words “Limited Edition” are enough to strike fear in the wallets of fragrance fans around the world. It’s also usually accompanied by a terrifying thought that you might miss out and, equally as terrifying, that you’ll need to decide which credit card you can fit the purchase onto. Well, just in time for Valentine’s Day, and thankfully at a wonderfully affordable price point, Azzi Glasser has launched a genuinely limited edition collection of candles. In true spring-cleaning style, The Perfumer’s Story has raided its founder’s private collection and released Azzi’s Archive Candles. So, are you ready for some flickering fun?

Most perfume fans will know Azzi Glasser as the woman that put Agent Provocateur on the map in terms of fragrance. As Creative Director, she launched the company’s self-titled perfume which went on to win the 2001 FiFi Award for “Best New Female Fragrance In Limited Distribution”. This success proved that her leap of faith when she left CPL Aromas to go solo was an inspired decision, and numerous successful releases followed. However, she couldn’t resist creating private fragrances for her celebrity friends, and it would be the eventual public release of these that brought The Perfumer’s Story firmly into the spotlight.

One of the other areas that Azzi worked in was that of home scents, and in particular candles. The most notable difference between fragrances and candles is how you test them. Fragrances can simply be popped into a small atomiser and the results quickly noted as the liberal spritz develops on the skin. Candles are a little different. The fragrance oil needs to be added to the wax and, in the same way as a full sized candle, the wick needs to be secured into the bottom of the small evaluation sample. Essentially it looks like the small votives that you buy in numerous shops.

Azzi Glasser's new Azzi's Archive Candles
These evaluation candles are then burned, their scent throw is carefully observed, and the cleanness of the burn is also recorded. Now, the creation of one fragrance can see numerous versions of the scent and, as well as each version, you’ll also often get multiples of the same scent. Once the final candle is chosen then these little votive sizes are either disposed of or, as in the case of Azzi Glasser, kept as a record of the fragrances that she has created. However, you can only hold on to so many candles before the archive begins to get a little full, and this is where Azzi’s Archive Candles come in.

Azzi has gathered her evaluation candles, which all come in a cute 55g size, and is selling them as either singles or as a monthly subscription. These are all fragrances that she has worked on, and which bear her famous reference numbers, but which one you get is a surprise. Many of these only exist as a single candle, and so you’ll receive one at random. The small size makes them ideal for bedrooms and home offices, and will also make an ideal Valentine’s gift. Who could resist a one-of-a-kind candle from Azzi’s Archive? The candles will be available until they’re sold out but, because this really is a limited edition, I wouldn’t suggest you wait too long.

The candles are £15 each or as a monthly subscription of one, two or four (the latter costs £50) from, and the subscription can be cancelled at any time. [Samples provided by The Perfumer’s Story]

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