Monday 11 December 2023


A bottle of the perfume Dylan Purple Pour Femme by Versace
It feels as though 2023 has raced towards the finish line as we suddenly find ourselves in the final throws of Christmas shopping. More by accident than design, I’ve managed to find myself recommending exactly the same perfume company as your ideal high street stocking saver that I did last year. That’s because, if you’ve left it until now to buy your festive floral of choice, you’d better jettison any idea of online ordering and head to the safety of the department store. Your 2023 “mad dash purchase” has got to be Dylan Purple Pour Femme from Versace, because sometimes only a designer fragrance will do.

Versace is arguably one of the most famous names in the world of design, and so it was inevitable that they would eventually sidestep into the world of perfume as well. This happened back in 1981 with the worldwide hit Gianni Versace, but there would only be a further two fragrances released by the company in the 1980s - the masculine Versace l’Homme and the feminine V’E Versace. However, it paved the way for the massive output that would appear from the nineties onwards. The Jeans collection arrived in 1994 and saw an impressive fourteen variations in its ten year run. However, tastes were changing.

The release of Crystal Noir by Antoine Lie in 2004 reinvigorated the brand and, over the course of the next twelve years, Versace fiercely held the attention of its customers until Dylan Blue Pour Homme triumphantly arrived in 2016. It was a worldwide hit and an award winner, and so the company launched the female version, Dylan Blue Pour Femme in 2018. The fruity Turquoise variation swam onto the scene in 2020 but, as is the way with any success, a trio is always stronger than a duo. So, Dylan Purple Pour Femme landed this year, and you’re guaranteed to be smitten.

The box for the perfume Dylan Purple Pour Femme by Versace
The fragrance was created by perfumer Christophe Reynaud and, on its launch, he described it as “an invitation to travel”. Christophe’s extensive list of perfumes is too long to list, but a few lesser known ones that I love are L'Aimant Caresse d'Orchidee, Oranges Bigarades for Lancôme, and Yves Rocher’s Ambre Noir. For Dylan Purple Pour Femme the star ingredient is freesia but, in contrast to the Jo Malone London interpretation, this one has a citrus sultriness that feels decidedly more grown up. You’re definitely encouraged to dress up and make some noise, but the question is, where will your “travels” lead you?

The fragrance opens with an instant hit of the promised pear juice accord, which is wonderfully realistic, before being joined by the tartness of the green-edged bergamot and mouth-watering mandarin. This opening is deliciously playful, but seamlessly leads you to the floral heart of freesia, dewy rose, and a touch of banana-esque ylang ylang. This fruit quality continues with notes of plum and raspberry, and wonderfully compliments the floral aromas. The development of the perfume sees the arrival of a sandalwood and amber-warmed cedarwood before, in a beautiful move, the scented equivalent of a silk scarf brushes over the skin. Dylan Purple Pour Femme really is a delicately delicious delight of a fragrance, and makes the perfect gift.

Dylan Purple Pour Femme is available from The Fragrance Shop, both on the high street and also online at, priced at £54.50 for 30ml, £78 for 50ml and £100 for 100ml. [Sample provided by Aspects Beauty]

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