Monday 4 December 2023

My Top Five Candles For Christmas 2023

A group shot of my Top Five Candles For Christmas 2023
December is possibly the biggest month of the year for customer shopping. It’s when the presents are bought, the wish lists are written, and you try your hardest to remember exactly where you put the decorations. You know they've got to be in the loft somewhere! It’s my favourite time of the year, but it does come with its challenges. There are so many choices to be made during the Christmas period that it can seem daunting. So, to help you out, I’m ready to share the eighth edition of my Top Five Candles For Christmas. The choice this year was as strong as ever, but there are some real scented surprises in here.

Fifth place sees us start with a British-inspired candle from Nishane. British Black Pepper is part of its new Doors collection and takes our sense of humour and traditions as its source. You get smooth green notes mixing with a dewy rose petal but, in a clever move, the black pepper stays distinct and so doesn’t make the rose spicy. With a touch of oakmoss and patchouli in the base, this would make for the perfect bath time soak. British Black Pepper is available from the Harvey Nichols website and is priced at £85 for 300g.

A picture of the Wasted Rose candle from Ode
In fourth place we’re heading over to Australia to discover the exciting Ode. Founded in 2021 by Mel Cheung, and using Jocelyn Fullerton as their in-house perfume, their Wasted Rose candle takes a decidedly different look at this popular ingredient by turning the usual pink hues into gritty burgundies. Conjuring “urban life colliding with nature”, it combines notes of dense rose, earthy patchouli and pink pepper, but cleverly adds into the mix the aromas of used coffee grounds and well-worn concrete. Prepare to be entranced and fascinated. Wasted Rose is available from the Ode website and is priced at £48 for 280g.

That brings us to third place and the uplifting Geranium No.1 natural candle from C.Atherley. Founded by Cath Kidston Padgham, the company is on a mission to celebrate geraniums, and this first one focuses on the Radens variety. You get an incredible pairing of green notes with citrus at the beginning, but the appearance of powdery chamomile and campherous lavender adds a delicious edge to the blend. With touches of cedarwood and frankincense, there’s a festive pomander-like edge to this one that is so evocative. Geranium No.1 is available from the C.Atherley website and is priced at £55 for 200g.

Moving on to second place sees us travelling to France for BDK’s Taxi Minuit candle. Created by perfumer Alex Lee, this is the scent of coming home in a Parisian taxi after a fantastic night out. You have the aromas of leather seats, along with suede-like facets from the orris, but a mix of delicate rose and plum blending with cardamom and sweetened sandalwood hints at two fragrances that are about to become very intimate. This is a great fragrance for stirring memories. Taxi Minuit is available from the Selfridges website and is priced at £80 for 250g.

A picture of the Breathe of Clarity candle from Lola's Apothecary
So, we’ve reached the top spot for 2023 and it takes us to Dorset, the home of Lola’s Apothecary. Breath of Clarity is one of their natural candles and, while not directly a Christmas tree scent, conjures that wonderfully green sappiness of the needles. It combines eucalyptus, rosemary and marjoram but, in a sideways nod to the festive season, has a vibrant burst of peppermint canes and lemon sherbet. The perfect way to boost the scent of a real Christmas tree, or compensate for an artificial one. Breath of Clarity is available from the Lola’s Apothecary website and is priced at £47.50 for 220g.

Whichever candle you go for this year, please remember to observe the instructions and NEVER leave a burning candle unattended! To read my candle recommendations from previous years you can click on the images below. [Samples provided by the companies]


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