Monday 29 January 2024

CITRUS OUD by Teniqua

A bottle of the perfume Citrus Oud from Teniqua
The perfect perfume can release long-hidden memories, conjure up forgotten experiences, or even act as the scentscape to new adventures. Its ability to push deep into our senses is just one of the reasons why it’s often thought of as a magical potion. Perfume also often patiently waits to be discovered, or rediscovered, at the exact moment it’s needed. A moment too soon and it can be overlooked, but experienced at the ideal time can create a bond that will last forever.
Citrus Oud from Teniqua was originally launched at the end of 2021, but 2024 was my year to discover its magic.

Teniqua was founded by Frances Lamb, who started her career as a successful designer and interior designer. The process of pulling together multiple themes, fabrics and colours was always something that had fascinated Frances, and so it was a natural progression to start thinking about the same process within scent. This idea of surrounding a subject with texture, with colour, and even with an element of disruption, provided a starting point for the launch of a trio of fragrances that wonderfully combined niche with wearability. It’s this idea of wearability meeting wonder that sets Teniqua apart from other niche houses.

The trio of fragrances that launched the brand were Mysuru Amber, Figue Verte, and Citrus Oud. All three were scented recollections from Frances’ past and, while at first she wondered about sharing these intimate moments, provided a glimpse into different places at the same time as creating new memories. Mysuru Amber celebrated “the scented oils, flowers, spices, colours, textures and sounds of India, and the rituals of using attar to celebrate India’s rich heritage”, while Figue Verte was inspired by “lazy summer days spent under a bountiful fig tree in a garden at the foothill of Mont Victoire”.

The box for the Teniqua Citrus Oud perfume
Citrus Oud
was described as “a mysterious, woody, slightly earthy composition enhanced by citrus and floral facets”, but it was my recent move to Cornwall that seemed to really bring this fragrance alive for me. It feels as if it conjures a scented vision of expansive barrenness, but in a gloriously celebratory style, and it’s this contradictory approach that makes this perfume so exciting. Balancing the wild with the warmth, and the soil with the stone, you really are treated to a fragrance that is both infinitely wearable while still sparking the imagination. As you can see, I’m smitten with Citrus Oud, so let’s look a little closer.

The fragrance opens with an aromatic citrus blend of bergamot and lavender, and it’s the combination of these two that provides a campherous, almost flint-like, start to the scent. Alongside a zesty lemon, this gives you that expansive quality. Within this you also have a vibrant floral note that appears to be created by the pairing of saffron with jasmine. It provides the effect of yellow gorse, and there’s a galbanum sharpness that also hints at its spiked foliage. The development of Citrus Oud sees the patchouli and labdanum-loaded amber accord come through, with its earthy and woody resins, before a sweetened touch of oud completes a deliciously evocative scent. As I said before, wearability definitely meets wonder.

Citrus Oud is available from the Teniqua website at priced at £25 for 10ml, £75 for 50ml and £115 for 100ml. The 10ml is also part of the Trio Discovery Set (three 10ml bottles) which is £49. [Sample provided by Teniqua]


  1. Great review, thank you Stephan

    1. Hello Frances, thank you for your comment. I'm so pleased that you liked the review... it's a very special fragrance. Best, Stephan