Monday 22 January 2024


A bottle of the Rockin' Rose perfume from EAU.MG
Perfumery, like anything else that has an artistic bent, is often less about creating something new and more about presenting something in a different light. The ingredients that are open to a perfumer are, with the exciting advances in synthetics, almost limitless, but there are a few core ones that always demand attention. Patchouli, iris, vanilla, jasmine - all of these have an inbuilt familiarity that feels safe, but showcasing them in original ways is what customers are look for. Now, rose is such a well-known ingredient that finding an original take on it can be hard, but that’s exactly what you get with EAU.MG’s Rockin’ Rose.

Holly Hutchinson may not be a name that you’re familiar with, but she is making huge waves in the world of niche British perfumery. After originally launching the bestselling Memoize range in 2018, she then co-founded Contradictions in ILK in 2020. Adscenture, EAU.MG, and Pictor Parfum would complete her quintet of companies, although there’s no reason to think that a sixth addition won’t appear in the near future. However, EAU.MG has been created as a way of making fragrance personal once more, and they playfully say, “We don’t dare you to be different, we dare you to be yourself.”

Rose is one of those ingredients that is still struggling to jump the gap from a “female” aroma to one that can be truly enjoyed by everyone. It falls firmly into the “flowers are for girls and woods are for boys” mantra, but change is definitely coming. Violet used to have a similar problem, but its massive inclusion in the mainstream Fahrenheit from Dior definitely helped to change people’s opinions, so hopefully the same can be done for rose? In the meantime, men will need to be brave and step outside of their comfort zones, because there are exciting things waiting to be discovered.

The box for the Rockin' Rose perfume from EAU.MG
Rockin’ Rose is described as being an “ode to rose” but, rather than being just a traditional full bodied velvet creation that is predictably rich and heavy, it manages to playfully dress up the flower with unexpected aromas. Now you might think that this is nothing new, but traditionally a “rose” scent will often gravitate towards a Bridgerton-esque creation with lots of pink smells and petticoats. With Rockin’ Rose though you’re treated to summertime memories of fruit salad, beach adventures and playful passion, and who doesn’t need a little of all three in their everyday lives? So, are you ready to discover a new rose?

The fragrance opens with an exciting mix of crunchy pear alongside the aroma of a salty sea breeze, like you’d get from sitting on the British sand dunes. This then expands to include a touch of watery melon and the first signs of the delicate rose. However, to add an edge to the floral, you’re also treated to a slightly animalic violet. This animalic quality continues with the aroma of sun-scorched skin and sandalwood, and these together bring out an almost driftwood-like effect that again adds a new dimension to this floral scent. The rose takes on a more candied quality as it develops on the skin, but not overly sweet, and a final touch of patchouli adds a rebelliously unisex thorn to the mix.

Rockin’ Rose is available from The Perfume Society website at priced at £95 for 50ml. [Sample provided by EAU.MG]

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