Monday 5 February 2024


A bottle of Sleep Easy Pillow & Room Mist from College Green
The days of fragrance being solely used for the production of perfumes is long gone, as can be seen in the multitude of scented products that are available in every high-street store. From soaps to diffusers, and car fresheners to candles, our love of fragranced items seems to have no bounds. It’s this demand for ever more interesting ways to scent our homes that brought about the Pillow Mist craze, although many companies have since moved away from this “difficult to market” product. However, always up for a challenge, College Green have just launched a new Sleep Easy Pillow & Room Mist, and the result is first class.

Pillow mists are, as it says on the tin, fragrances designed to be spritzed onto bedding in order to encourage a restful sleep. It’s actually this level of directed usage that has caused the problem with, what should be, a perfect addition to a customer’s scented experience. Many customers felt confined by the fact it was called a “pillow mist”, that they couldn’t use it in other ways, and it’s the reason why some have been discontinued in recent years. So, how have the successful ones managed to buck the trend and keep relevant in a competitive marketplace?

The secret was by giving customers the encouragement to use it in different ways. After all, we’re talking about a scented product that sits in the same category as candles and diffusers and, most importantly, room sprays. By formulating them in such a way as to catch both the linen and home markets, these companies instantly doubled the appeal of this potentially troublesome mist. By giving the customer a chance to use a single product in different ways, and that’s before we even encourage its use on a scarf, you’re actually offering a budget-friendly way to fragrance.

The box for the Sleep Easy Pillow & Room Mist from College Green
College Green
was founded in 2017 by Rachael Lythgoe and originally started out as an artisan soap manufacturer. Based in the Cotswolds, the range increased to candles, diffusers, and a collection of fantastic bath salts. Being a small producer, her candles and diffusers had always used bought-in fragrances, but the Sleep Easy Pillow & Room Mist is her first exclusive scent. It’s a natural product and, being alcohol based, is also great to spritz onto any fabric - especially a woolly scarf. It’s a brave move for a small company to create an exclusive fragrance, but College Green have absolutely nailed it.

The fragrance opens with an instant hit of neroli, and the ingredient’s metallic edge gives a wonderful brightness to the scent, but the appearance of the roman chamomile adds a wonderful apple-like nuance to the blend. The latter’s earthy, and straw-like touches combine perfectly with the woodier patchouli to give an almost birch tar quality but, right in the heart, you have a deliciously smooth lavender that seems to hint at a classic fougere composition. This is a refreshingly simple blend but, as you’ll often find in perfumery, the combination of ingredients manages to also give the impression of a hidden aroma, in this case a delicate lemony rose. While originally designed for pillows or as a room spray, it really comes into its own when spritzed onto a scarf.

Sleep Easy Pillow & Room Mist is available from the College Green website at priced at £15 for 100ml. [Sample provided by the company]

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