Friday 5 June 2015

Discarding The Vintage

You've finally found the vintage perfume that you've been hunting for, and after carefully opening the package, or if you're anything like me then you just tear at it like a man possessed, you place the priceless elixir down in front of you. The question is, do you wait until your surroundings are completely fragrance free to savour the first hit? Heck no, you spray or splash the perfume hoping to be enveloped in a personal memory or a forgotten era. Unfortunately what you often get is a smokey, resinous, syrupy smell which is nothing like you remember or expected. Don't panic though, all is not lost.

What you have to remember is that if you’ve just bought a spray bottle then there is a tube full of stale perfume inside. As much as it hurts, you are going to have to waste four pumps of the liquid gold. This should be enough to clear the tube and let the bounty free, and remember as well to give the inside of the spray cap a little wipe with some vodka. You can always celebrate with a small shot at the same time!

If you have a pure perfume or a splash bottle it can also be the same. Take a damp cloth, again with the merest dab of vodka, and wipe the opening of the bottle. Do the same to the stopper and once again that resinous quality should disappear. Obviously if the actual perfume has turned then there is not much that you can do, but at least you will still have taken the edge off it.

Trust me, discarding a small amount of the vintage really is worth it.

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