Friday 26 June 2015

PERPHONE - Perfume with a twist

Gadgets are to the twenty-first century what the garden shed was to the twentieth, a plaything and a distraction. Never particularly useful, they always seem to be invented to solve a problem that doesn't really exist. So, it was with trepidation that I approached Perphone. It's basically a casing that fits onto your iPhone, and on the back is a small section that rotates to reveal an atomiser. Designed for the person who wants fragrance on the go, but without the bottle, it's a novel solution to the problem. Currently the male range is in black and the female in white, so pretty stylish, and it doesn't make your phone feel heavy or over-sized.

Cleverly, the casing is a one time purchase and the refill cartridges are very simple to attach. So the next question is, what perfumes are included? Well, as an initial offering Perphone comes with eight Galimard fragrances, which also provide a nice introduction to this company's range. The men's selection are 1747, Aventure, No1 and Bel Canto, whilst the ladies have Brindille, Cantabelle, Journal Intime and Songeries. All four fragrance families are there for the ladies, but surprisingly the men get a very welcome fougere and chypre, along with the usually woody fragrance as you would expect.

I've always been pretty vocal about my fondness for Galimard's perfumes, but I would have chosen a slightly different selection to launch with the Perphone. Galimar and Paradox would have replaced Cantabelle and Journal Intime in the female range, and Napoleon instead of 1747 in the male one. I think they would have complimented each other a little better, but it's still a cracking selection. Perphone is definitely something to keep an eye on and, if demand increases, I presume the variety of fragrances by different companies will also grow. Imagine this being used for the next perfume launch ... it's a huge improvement on a small vial attached to a piece of card!

Update: The Perphone is no longer available, although the full size fragrances are available directly from Galimard.

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