Wednesday 3 June 2015


The question I get asked most often is, "How do I make my fragrance last longer?" There have always been a myriad of complimentary products to go with various scents but the quality of these has been pretty variable. Also, with the trend for using more than one fragrance at the same time to create a truly unique personal scent we've actually been missing the most vital piece of the puzzle. You wouldn't paint a wall before preparing the surface but we are happy to just spray perfume and hope. So, I went on the hunt for the perfect base for my spritzing, and I found it in the most unlikely of places. I went through lotions and creams, both fragranced and unfragranced, dry oils and even moisture mists, but nothing was doing what I wanted... "Support any fragrance that goes on top, prolong its life and bridge the gap between layered scents," and obviously moisturise as well.

The problem with using the body lotion that matches your perfume is that the majority of the ones on the market are thin liquids, have little benefit as a moisturiser, and actually seem to create a metallic undertone when added to its "matching" scent. On the other hand, the unfragranced ones which do moisturise can leave a fatty scent reminiscent of nut oil. So, where to turn? I want a slightly perfumed body lotion, not too thick, that will moisturise, prolong and compliment ANY fragrance which goes on top, and also be suitable for both men and women. It seems like an unattainable brief, but I found it.

A citrus oriental with a delicate amber to aid longevity and a freshness to help gently lift any fragrance which goes on top; the floral notes are very muted which makes it an ideal unisex product. Add to that its smooth texture, which sits between a cream and a lotion, and finish with an easy to use glass pump bottle. Applied straight onto the chest and arms before spraying, your fragrance has something to attach to, along with the benefit of the "Contra Time" anti-ageing properties counteracting the alcohol.

The product is JOAN COLLINS’ LUXURY BODY LOTION. Don't be fooled by the fact that it is actualy based on the fragrance I AM WOMAN, because what you actually get is an incredibly adaptive base which compliments both male and female perfumes. I am totally hooked and would now never spray fragrance before putting a lotion on. At £37.50 for 200ml we are at the luxury end of fragranced body care, but it is well worth it to make your perfume last for longer. It is available direct from Joan's website at, if I haven't bought it all!

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