Monday 10 July 2017

YOU ... The New Fragrance From Lynx

They're at it again and they've called back the big guns for the launch of their latest body fragrance! I'm talking about Lynx, or Axe if you live outside of the United Kingdom. Once treated with derision, or at best referred to as the scent of a teenage boy, they have recently started to command a real share of the perfume industry. With the launch of their Daily Fragrance range last year they managed to reposition themselves in an older market, and finally gain the recognition that they deserve. Forget Apollo, Phoenix and even Africa, 2017 sees the appearance of YOU and you're in for a very pleasant surprise.

When Lynx stormed the market in 1983 with their first three body sprays, Amber, Musk and Spice, it gave Fabergé a global success that even they couldn't have foreseen. So, it was hardly surprising that Unilever wanted a piece of the pie when they acquired Fabergé in 1989. It was under their control that the range truly blossomed and has become one of the best known body care brands in the world. Lynx made the fragrance of personal care as important as the product, and once they started there was no stopping them. So, forget your prejudices and preconceived ideas as we discover YOU.

Last year Unilever took the bold decision to reposition the brand and aim Lynx at the teenager's "older brother". A campaign called "Find Your Magic" emphasised a man's individuality and how everyone was different. The sixty second advert defied convention by truly aiming the range at the whole market with gay, straight, black, white, drag queens, bikers and disabled guys all featuring in the promotion. Directed by Francis Rousselet, it is like watching a film trailer and really made the public, and the industry, sit up and take notice of what Unilever had to offer.

As Art Director for the new fragrance, Unilever once again called on Ann Gottlieb, whose previous work included Elizabeth Arden, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs. Her 2013 project for Lynx, Dark Temptation, really turned heads when it launched and it is hoped that YOU will have the same effect. Ann began her career with Revlon but it was during a six and a half year period at Estée Lauder that she was able to learn from the great lady herself. Ms Lauder taught her the business side of fragrance, what makes a fragrance perfect for a certain brand, and with this knowledge Ann formed Ann Gottlieb Associates in 1983.

So, what does YOU actually smell like? It opens with a tangy burst of citrus, sweet orange rather than lemon, alongside an herbaceous blend of black pepper, basil and coriander. None of these are overtly strong, although the coriander does bring to mind Chanel’s Égoïste, and a note of cinnamon keeps you hooked once it starts to come through. The whole scent is supported by an amber accord but a cedar-like dryness perfectly stops it becoming too sweet. Still unsure? Do yourself a favour and try it, you won’t be disappointed.

LYNX TV ADVERT - Find Your Magic

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