Monday 29 July 2019

4711 REMIX COLOGNE by Christiane Plos

Reinvention is something that we all must secretly wish that we could do at some time or another but it’s a concept that can be very dangerous for a perfume company. Many brands survive because of the loyal following of its fans and, if you start to alter things, they can easily start to look elsewhere for their fragranced fix. One company that has successfully managed to reinvent itself, and still kept hold of its followers, is 4711. The idea of modernising their classic scent may have seemed like sacrilege to many but, once again, this year’s Remix Cologne has been handled with a lot of tender loving care.

When 4711 introduced their first Remix Cologne back in 2017 it was simply as a celebration of the 225th Anniversary of the original fragrance. This powerhouse citrus explosion was updated by Alexandra Kalle and Vincent Shaller but remained faithful to the scent that many people had grown up with. They took the current ingredients, along with some new musks and aquatic notes, and “remixed” the quantities into the limited edition. Now, the success of the release saw the owners, Mäurer & Wirtz, take the decision to make it an annual event. However, how would they continue with the “remix” idea?

The answer was to take seven of the key ingredients from the original 4711 and showcase each of them in its own fragrance. The chosen seven were bergamot, lemon, neroli, petigrain, lavender, rosemary and, to begin the series, orange. Nicholas Beaulieu was tasked in 2018 with creating a modern interpretation, still maintaining the effervescence of the original, but concentrating on the “cheeriness found in the fragrance of oranges.” He added gentian to the blend, for a touch of green bitterness, and succeeded in producing “a true fragrance explosion in bright colours.” So, what does 2019’s lavender-centred Remix Cologne have to offer?

Christiane Plos from Firmenich was chosen to bring this second scent to life and her brief was to create a fragrance that was “perfect for an unforgettable summer full of joie de vivre.” Now, lavender colognes are nothing new for 4711, they previously showcased the ingredient in their Acqua Colonia range in 2009 as Lavender & Thyme, but Christiane promised “the lightness of a cologne meeting sensual clarity.” Presented in the company’s classic Molanus bottle, but with an eye-catching splash of purple, 4711 Remix Cologne succeeds in symbolising “an olfactory fragrance explosion in a hypnotic, luminous violet hue.”

The fragrance opens with echoes of the familiar 4711 citrus cologne but the lavender quickly comes into focus. Christiane Plos has replaced its traditional aromatic quality with touches of green tea and leather, thanks to the use of mate leaf, but the development is wonderfully bohemian. There’s a pull between a powdery iris and a creamy sandalwood but, even with a note of tonka bean in the background, the effervescence of freesia pokes through to add a watery quality. With all of this combining with an amber accord and the merest touch of violet, Christiane Plos has succeeded in creating a sensual lavender for a summer of adventures.

4711 Remix Cologne is available from selected stockists and online at priced at €25.95 for 100ml or €32.95 for 150ml. [Bottle was purchased]

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