Thursday 25 July 2019

N°19 by SG79

It seems as if discovering the world of independent perfumery is a little bit like travelling around the globe at the moment. France, America, and the United Kingdom have always been centres for niche perfumers but, more recently, its influence has spread further afield. One of the latest sees a journey over to Stockholm in Sweden and the debut collection from SG79. The company promises “scents with no limitation to fashion or lifestyle, just fine fragrance for you to explore and enjoy.” With a range of eleven to choose from there is something for everyone, but I found N°19 to have an arresting delicacy.

The idea of increasing a company’s product range to include a line of perfumes is nothing new but it can often result in fragrances that are, for want of a better expression, of “varying quality.” Thankfully this isn’t the case with SG79. When it’s parent company, Romella International, made the decision to create a new fragrance brand it was very clear that it wanted well-constructed perfumes but at an affordable price. The idea of keeping it within everyone’s reach was a deliberate strategy and, after its initial success in Sweden, is also one of the reasons why it is now being picked up worldwide.

One of the most difficult aspects for any new company is reconciling the inspiration with the scents and then, ultimately, fusing it with the visual interpretation of the fragrances. For SG79 the decision was taken to partner up with Björn Dawidsson who, since the 1970s, had been exhibiting his photographic art in leading galleries in Sweden and also internationally. He has been described as “directing his eyes towards both the motive in front of the camera and also towards the photography as a medium,” and this very much resonated with the concept that SG79 wanted to apply to its range of fragrances.

The range was planned in such a way as to demonstrate that the fragrance within the bottle was an extension of the visual on the packaging, which is also often wonderfully abstract. The collection is divided into two parts with the first eight fragrances making up the core series. The further three scents concentrate on a central flower but, again, present them with a pronounced sensuality. This latter three also come as candles and body lotions. As I mentioned before, I found N°19 to be wonderfully evocative and it is definitely created with the promised mix of “curiosity and desire,” and perhaps a touch of mystery.

N°19 is the perfect scent for those looking for an effervescent and uplifting fragrance. It opens with a grapefruit and mint accord but, straight from the beginning, there’s an aquatic quality that is reminiscent of fresh water rather than seaside saltiness. It’s interesting to note that the inclusion of geranium adds a touch of masculinity against the notes of rose and freesia, but it's still very much in the traditionally feminine territory. The delicate woody development of N°19 sees a crisp cedarwood paired up with a touch of earthy patchouli and, in the background, a supporting wash of white musk makes this feel very reminiscent of sun-touched contentment.

N°19 is available from the SG79 website at priced at £25 for 15ml, £38 for 30ml and £59 for 50ml. [Sample provided by Romella International]

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