Monday 4 November 2019

A Christmas Trio by JOIK

One of the concerns that many companies face at this time of the year is how to offer their customers exciting products that are “festive” and yet still maintain their core values. After all, it’s very easy to sell out and produce a beautiful box containing questionable novelties or repackaged favourites with an increased price tag. One company that has truly excelled again this year is also one that may be unfamiliar to you but, if you’re a fan of scented candles, is a sure-fire hit for some fragranced ambiance. Joik have rereleased their trio of Christmas candles and your hardest decision will be which one to light first.

Joik was founded in 2005 by Estonian based candle lover Eva-Maria Õunapuu. She had always enjoyed burning scented candles during the colder autumn and winter evenings but finding one, fourteen years ago, that wasn’t paraffin-based proved difficult. So, she decided that she would launch her own brand and started a collection of soy wax candles. Over time the company expanded to include a line of well-respected skincare but the candles were never forgotten. All of the products are still produced in Estonia, just on the outskirts of Tallinn, but the Christmas trio is particularly special.

The collection begins with possibly the most iconic fragrance at this time of year, the iconic Christmas tree. Oh Christmas Tree is the embodiment of that noble spruce that stands decoratively in the corner of the room, and usually drops its needles by the 23rd December. Oh Christmas Tree has a beautifully softened pine aroma with a hazelnut nuttiness that is almost reminiscent of pinecones. There’s a touch of candy cane sweetness in there but it’s more the tonkabean warmth that hints at cosy sitting rooms and presents under the tree. A touch of dry cedarwood in the base adds a crispness to the final effect.

The second fragrance is one that I would usually shy away from, after years of bad experiences with fruity candles, but the company’s Spiced Cranberry is a wonderful surprise. The cranberry of the title has an almost sherbet quality to it and the expected sweetness is replaced with a tart juiciness that is mouth-watering. Alongside a whisper of apple you also get a wonderfully measured blend of cinnamon and nutmeg that most definitely puts you in the festive mood. Finishing with a touch of clove and even a hint of frankincense, Spiced Cranberry is the perfect balance of fruit and festivity.

The final candle of the three needs very little introduction, it’s Gingerbread. Now, this bakery delicacy has slight variations around the world and can often veer off into the overly sweet category but, happily, that isn’t the case here. The scent almost takes on a Yorkshire Parkin quality thanks to a hefty dose of treacle and the ginger is carefully blended with the cinnamon and the nutmeg to produce the perfect balance of spice. There’s an oatiness that sits alongside the baked aromas and, with just a spoonful of sugar, it really is a fantastic gourmand candle. In fact, I’m going to have to order another one!

Oh Christmas Tree, Spiced Cranberry, and Gingerbread are all 145g and are priced at £13.50 each. They are available from the Joik website at and also from in the United Kingdom. [Samples provided by Joik]

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