Thursday 9 January 2020

JUNIOR by Carthusia

There’s an often repeated theory that the younger you manage to tempt a person to start using a company’s fragrance the more likely they are to stay loyal to that brand. Now, whether this still holds true in the current arena of thousands rather than hundreds of perfume companies is open to debate. The vast choice and availability of fragrance has made loyalty a prized possession in the industry, and that is one of the reasons why Carthusia has launched Junior. The scent is aimed squarely at the children’s market but it has also proved irresistible to adults who love their powdery floral scents.

When we think about fragrance our thoughts probably journey between the worlds of niche and mainstream or we ponder on the style of scent that should be worn during a particular season or occasion. We probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about children’s fragrances. However, this is a market that is rapidly expanding and stretches from Parisian chic right down to Primark. The days of perfume being reserved solely for adults have well and truly gone because, whether it’s Disney or designer, there are a growing number of children who want to wear fragrance.

Carthusia is based in Capri, which is in Italy’s Bay of Naples, and has a history of perfumery stretching back to 1380. It originally started in the island’s Monastery of St James but, whilst the story goes that they produced excellent floral waters and fragrances, the practise eventually came to an end. The tradition was revived in 1948 when the formula books were rediscovered and, with the blessing of the Pope, the company was reborn with the help of a chemist based in Torino. Carthusia has gone on to become a worldwide niche brand with a catalogue of exceptional scents.

When they were looking to launch a fragrance that would appeal to children they decided that it would have to be one that was suitable for both sexes. However, very quickly they hit upon the clever idea to repackage one of their existing products. Within their range was a linen spray called Talco, which was described as being “elaborately composed just like a body perfume.” The 100ml size was obviously not suitable for small hands and so a 30ml bottle was created with a choice of pink or blue lids. It was already an eau de toilette strength and so all that was needed was a new name, Junior.

The fragrance opens from the heart with powdery violet accompanying a beautifully velvety rose and jasmine. You are instantly reminded of a talcum powder softness but, floating above the floral centre, a blend of aldehydic lemon and bergamot adds that feeling of “lighter than air” effervescence. As the fragrance develops, a delicious note of tonka bean and honey appears but, at the same time, a background of iris retains that talcum powder quality. Throughout the scent you get a touch of clove but, and this may sound crazy, there’s almost an accord of comfortingly clean teddy-bear fur. Junior may be aimed at children but there is no way that they are having mine.

Junior is available exclusively from Carthusia boutiques priced at €37 for 30ml. For those with larger hands, the original Talco Linen Spray EDT is available from the Carthusia website at priced at €45 for 100ml.

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