Monday 27 January 2020

N°7 by SG79

The great thing about the current variety of fragrances that are available is that the selection really is a worldwide affair because the days of perfume production being the sole domain of France, and closely followed by America and the United Kingdom, are long gone. It’s this wonderful chocolate box selection of scents that truly gives the customer such an eclectic mix to choose from, and at a wide range of prices. Romella International are based in Stockholm and their SG79 range has proved to be a big hit with fragrance fans, and this looks set to continue with the release of the new N°7.

It’s very common to find that a large organisation will have various companies that they either control or own. This isn’t confined to the fragrance industry, it can often be seen across most businesses, but Romella International are a little different. They are one of the companies that create their own brands and so end up with a stable of products. Without knowing it you can often find many of these side by side on the same shelves but, because of packaging or concept, customers are drawn to one or the other. This was the idea behind the SG79 range.

When the collection was originally launched it was inspired by the visual style of artist Björn Dawidsson. It had always been his approach to try and blur the lines between painting and photography, and this struck a chord with the company. They recognised that, just as fragrances are created using ingredients that combine and contrast, Dawidsson’s love of colliding colour with structure perfectly fit with the philosophy of their perfume brand. They promised their customers “scents with no limitation to fashion, lifestyle or other multinational brand, just fine fragrance for you to explore and enjoy.”

To create the actual perfumes it was decided to collaborate with Givaudan and Mane, which are two of the biggest production houses in France. Using Björn Dawidsson’s photography as the starting point, the company’s perfume designer worked alongside the perfumer to realise the imagery in terms of scent. It’s not a new idea by any means but, when it comes to SG79, it is most definitely an approach that is providing beautiful results. For their latest fragrance, N°7, the concept was to be “inspired by journeys to different and exotic cultures” but, in a world dominated by travel, does it succeed?

The fragrance opens with the aroma of oud and, in a surprising twist, a wash of pear. I would never have put these two ingredients together but it works really well. The oud is pungent without being aggressive and, for me, this is a perfect balance. The playfulness of the scent is provided by a green muguet and sensuous rose but the patchouli pushes through to give an earthy aspect to the floral. The amber accord, with its hints of devilishly sexual labdanum, and a persistent touch of clove really seem to reaffirm the feeling that no-one will be sleeping tonight. N°7 might not be a full-on roar but beware, this cat still has claws.

N°7 is available from the SG79 website at priced at £24 for 15ml, £36 for 30ml and £59 for 50ml. [Sample provided by Romella International]

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