Thursday 27 February 2020


The fashion for home crafting seems to be at an all-time high at the moment with new businesses springing up every day. The Etsy platform has really helped to push these companies to greater prominence but it’s come at a cost. The majority of them are producing products based on other companies’ fragrances and many don’t even alter the name. How many times have you seen Lime Basil & Mandarin or English Pear & Freesia? One company that is trying to do something a little different though is Osmic. Their latest scent, Sea Salt & Driftwood, is a great example that home crafting can dare to be different.

When the majority of these small businesses set themselves up it's usually because they’ve been inspired by another brand and want to follow in their footsteps. Now, the cost of getting a custom scent created to put into their product is completely out of the question for most of them so they fall back on one of the supply companies. These producers have a library of scents “inspired” by current fragrances and available to buy as a pure oil. Of course it’s very tempting to ride on the coattails of someone else’s success but is there another way to go?

The recognisable names are obviously attractive to customers but, in a similar way to a fake watch, it isn’t quite the same as an original. However, alongside these “familiar” oils are hundreds that the companies have produced from scratch. Now there are some cracking choices if you’re willing to have a delve and this is what can make a home crafted business stand out from the others. Yes, they’re still using a premade fragrance, which we call a base, but they’re not trying to be a copy of anybody else. They have their own identity and this is what creates customer loyalty.

When Scott Gordon founded Osmic back in 2019 it came from a desire to offer luxury products at an affordable price, but which still had an impressive scent. Scott had noticed that many of his favourites had become weaker over time, but the price seemed to keep creeping up, and so decided to put his chemistry degree to use. He concentrated on a carefully selected range of bases that took inspiration from the high street but didn’t replicate a Jo Malone or a Molton Brown scent. This was a brave move in an industry where customers favour familiarity, but one which has gathered him a very loyal following.

The latest fragrance that Scott has added to the collection is Sea Salt & Driftwood and, before your ask, no it’s not Wood Sage & Sea Salt. This fragrance has a wonderfully ozonic quality, like waves crashing on cold rocks, but there’s a sun scorched cedarwood that adds definition. You do get a wash of waxy floral, almost like a orchid and lily mix, but a final touch of patchouli adds colour to this effervescent fragrance. Scott told me that he hopes to start creating custom scents for his products but, for now, he’s definitely going in the right direction.

Sea Salt & Driftwood is available from the Osmic website at as both a Shower Gel and Body Lotion priced at £12 for 250ml. [Samples provided by Osmic]

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