Monday 10 February 2020

COCOROSA BEAUTY - The Scent of Sandalwood

The advertising slogan that started a revolution, and is lodged in most people’s minds, must surely be “not perfumed, not coloured, just kind.” Those famous words are credited to Alex Pearl, the copywriter on the 1986 advert for Simple, and it made a generation begin to question what was actually in their skincare. The reason for adding fragrance back then was to simply make it smell better but, over time, the beauty industry started to revert to ingredients that were naturally perfumed. One such company is Cocorosa Beauty and their Sandalwood Soothe & Restore Face Oil continues to harness the power of scent.

Fiona Tutte is the driving force behind Cocorosa Beauty and, amazingly, she is still hand producing every product herself. It’s this attention to detail, and consistency of manufacture, that has seen the company garner nominations, awards, and a very loyal fanbase. Fiona’s philosophy is simply to use the ingredients that nature has provided rather than artificially manufacturing them. Whilst it can be argued that the effectiveness is the same, the natural ingredient does have a complexity of scent that is missing in the synthetic version, and is one of the reasons why using the Cocorosa range is such a pleasure.

Fiona’s background in skincare stretches back to her first company, Pure Lochside. It was founded in 2007 in Edinburgh and was soon to be found in both Harvey Nichols and Harrods. The death of her husband saw her leave the company and it would be five long years before she returned with Cocorosa Beauty in 2018. Fiona’s aim is to try and keep the skincare routine to an easily manageable level and, because each of the products use ingredients that have a perfume, it really doesn’t feel like hard work.

Cocorosa Beauty truly does have the scent of success. Alongside her existing range of Egyptian Neroli Cleansing Oil, Superfruit 3 in 1 Cleansing Powder, Rosa Revive & Renew Face Oil, and the award winning Alpine Lavender & Arnica Balm, Fiona found that she was also being asked for a product that could soothe away the rigours of daily life. Once more she approached it from the natural angle and, in choosing the relevant ingredients, produced an oil that smells incredible. Sandalwood Soothe & Restore Face Oil is a wonderfully unisex recharge for the skin but it can also act as an incredible beard oil for men.

The scent of the oil owes much to the star ingredient of sandalwood although its smooth creaminess is offset by the watery note that comes from the raspberry seed, and these are the two ingredients mainly responsible for its nourishment. The chamomile in here helps to soothe the skin and adds a powdery quality to the scent that mixes beautifully with the lavender. The whole aroma is rounded off with a glorious blend of turmeric and mandarin which makes using this an absolute pleasure. I would be very surprised if we’re not looking at Fiona Tutte’s next award-winning product.

Sandalwood Soothe & Restore Face Oil is available from the Cocorosa Beauty website at priced at £38.50 for 30ml. [This review is from a bottle that I bought myself]

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