Monday 20 April 2020


The fashion for candles shows no signs of slowing down and, in times of uncertainty and challenge, that gently flickering flame in the corner of the room really can provide a feeling of comfort. There are thousands to choose from and every company has their own unique take on the combination of wax and wick. Also when we add in the cost, you start to wonder what you’re paying for. One company that is steering a steady course through the turbulent waves of the home fragrance market is Every Nook. This independent brand is providing some well needed decadence in the form of their Whiskey & Vanilla candle.

Emma Robinson may not be a name that you’re familiar with but you’ve probably used one of the many products that she has helped to bring to the shelves. Working with brands such as The Body Shop and Marks & Spencer, Emma was a beauty buyer and also helped in the development of their own-brand collections. When she relocated to Nottinghamshire with her family it was a little up in the air as to what business could accommodate both her home life and an inbuilt need to be creative. In 2018 that decision was made when she started working on what would become Every Nook.

Emma had always loved candles but was well aware that it was a competitive market with hurdles and pitfalls around every corner. She told me, “I trialled so many wicks, waxes and methods until I found a formula I was happy with.” When it came to the fragrances she was realistic that, as an independent brand, she would need to launch with pre-existing scents. She hunted for the finest blends that she could find, and which also formed the perfect capsule collection, but told me, “It’s my future aspiration to be able to commission bespoke fragrance for Every Nook.”

Now, this is my take on artisan candle making. There is nothing wrong with using pre-existing blends as long as you’re not trying to mimic or rip-off another company. Also, as you don’t have the cost of fragrance development, you should invest in stylish packaging and branding. Emma Robinson has done just this with her mid-century styling that uses bold prints and colours. Housed in an amber glass jar, her debut collection consist of Green Leaf & Bergamot, Praline & Coffee Bean, Rosewood & Lavender, and Vintage Cologne & Tobacco. However, if you’re looking for a little decadence, then it’s got to be Whiskey & Vanilla.

The candle smells almost toffee-like when it’s cold but, as it warms, you get a boozy quality that is addictive without being overpowering. The peaty notes of whiskey are sweetened by the tonka bean, and the addition of patchouli gives a dark chocolate richness. Even though the title includes vanilla, this isn’t a sugar overload. The scent is warming and evocative with a throw that is wonderfully embracing. There’s a final touch of sweet orange, and even the merest hint of rose, but it just confirms that Whiskey & Vanilla is definitely a candle to settle down with.

The full range of candles are available from the Every Nook website at priced at £12 for 100g and £20 for 170g. [Sample provided by Emma Robinson]

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