Thursday 29 October 2020

The Car Freshener Collection from Lynx

When we think about scent the first things that usually come to our mind are perfumes and candles. We’re so used to wearing our favourite fragrance, or filling a room with the aroma of everything from Yankee Candle’s vanilla through to Gwyneth Paltrow’s fabled vagina, that we’ve forgotten a vital space that really benefits from some scent. We generally spend around four years of our lives behind the wheel of a car and so it’s time we started enjoying it. There are many car fresheners on the market, but one of the most novel must surely be the collection from Lynx. So, as we celebrate its first birthday, let’s go for a drive.

If there's a company that has cornered the “love hate” fragrance market then it must surely be Lynx. The original choice of teenage boys, who are now well into adulthood and driving a car, these body sprays used to be applied with all of the subtlety of a steamroller. Now, for the record, I am a huge Lynx fan and think that the negative comments that they often receive definitely smack of snobbishness. Like any perfumed product, using a conservative amount is always the key to creating the perfect scented experience, and it also means that you end up enjoying the fragrance in the way that the Lynx perfumers intended.

When Faberge launched Lynx in 1983 they could never have imagined the global success that would be achieved. This was why the company was eventually acquired by Unilever and, under their guidance, the brand truly went stratospheric. The original three fragrances were Amber, Musk, and Spice, but over the years the selection of scents has dramatically changed. Created by some of the world’s finest perfumers, the collection also expanded to include the niche-inspired Daily Fragrance range in 2016. This was designed to straddle the gap between body spray and perfume, but there was more to come.

In November 2019 Lynx launched a car fragrance range that managed to combine the two most important factors ... cost and performance. The company cleverly took five of their most popular scents and transformed them into a car collection that truly rivals any on the market. When you think that car fresheners range in price right up to £75, and some simple card versions are £10, then you can understand why Lynx at £2.99 is so appealing. It was unfortunate that pretty soon after the launch we all stopped using our cars but, with motoring once again back in fashion, it’s time to rediscover the collection.

The five fragrances chosen were Africa, Black, Ice Chill, Gold, and Dark Temptation, and all of them come in the same five products. You have three sizes that clip onto the air vent, a Gel Can that fits in your cup holder, and the regular Hanging Freshner. The latter, which is my favourite, is made of perfume infused resin that, as well as looking stylish, also guarantees a thirty day fragrance. My other guilty pleasure is the Mini Vent which attaches so easily to the grill, doesn’t get in the way of the controls, and gives the perfect dose of fragrance. Take my word for it, you have to try them... and they also make great stocking fillers!

The Hanging Freshener is priced at £2.99 and the Mini Vent Freshener is priced at £3.49. The complete Lynx collection is available from Halfords at and is currently on a 3 for 2 promotion. [All products were purchased]

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