Monday 7 June 2021

LAZY SAGE by Elementary

We often talk about the companies that had made plans for 2020 and, for obvious reasons, had to shelve or postpone them. What we seem to forget though are those brands that had literally launched at the end of 2019 and so had to navigate a very difficult online retail period. They had to be sensitive and not exploitative, informative as opposed to lecturing, and visible without being overbearing. Many companies fell down on these, even established brands, but there was one that sailed right through. It’s time to reintroduce you to Elementary and, with the sunshine starting to come through, bask in the joy of Lazy Sage.

Elementary launched on 6th December 2019 and was founded by best friends Steve Foulkes and Becky Stacey. They had always had an interest in fragrance, although both had gone into other industries, but never thought that they would eventually launch their own company. It came from a desire to offer a collection of natural fragrances that still performed as well as their more commercial counterparts. Many natural perfumes unfortunately end up as overly dense creations, and it was always at the forefront of Steve’s mind not to fall into that trap. A testament to this new venture, they absolutely succeeded.

Steve has always been very honest about calling himself the Creative Director of Elementary. He devised very specific and detailed briefs for the debut collection of three fragrances and then handed them over to an independent perfumer. What this meant was that from the outset the fragrances were expertly conceived, and developed, with the requirement of space being within the scent. By this I mean that ingredients were encouraged to appear, retreat, and then be replaced by new ones as the fragrance was worn on the skin. It’s this that is often missing in natural perfumes, but Elementary nailed it.

The debut trio of scents were Lowbrow Jazz, Lazy Sage, and Unscheduled Wander. The latter I reviewed back in 2019 and so decided to return to the collection to hunt out a new favourite. With the weather warming up I was instantly drawn to Lazy Sage, which Steve described to me as “the reassuring feeling of contentment.” The citrus aromatic style of fragrance is one that’s always popular with natural brands, although it can veer into cleaning product territory. That isn’t the case here. Lazy Sage from Elementary promises citrus imbued foliage, and they expertly deliver a perfume that is uplifting, balanced, and addictive.

Lazy Sage opens with the exciting aromas of bergamot and lavender, alongside a wonderfully green galbanum note, which gives a lasting citrus aromatic impression of being outdoors. You then get the earthiness of geranium, a biscuity powderiness from chamomile, and a whisper of tea rose, but his blend expertly creates a wonderfully unisex floral heart. The development of the fragrance sees the earthiness continued with peppered vetiver and sage coming through, and then a touch of tonka bean adds a delicate hay-like warmth to the base. The perfect scent for summer, Lazy Sage encourages us to “lie back and let the world unfold around you.”

Lazy Sage is available from the website at priced at £65 for 50ml. You can also read my review of Unscheduled Wander from 2019 by clicking on the image below. [Sample provided by Elementary]

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