Monday 28 June 2021

SCENTED SUNCREAM - Perfume, Protect, Support

When we hear the word “fragrance” our thoughts instantly turn to the type that gets spritzed out of our favourite perfume bottle. We often forget about the millions of items that also have a scent within them. From fabric conditioner to dishwasher tablets, or shower gel to shampoo, functional products are often made more attractive because of their fragrance. The same goes for your suncream. Often seen as an annoying interruption to getting that all-over tan, it’s time to discover how this vital piece of sun protection can actually be used as your daily perfume, and also learn about Escentual’s #SunPoverty campaign.

“80% of all sun damage happens before the age of eighteen and 86% of melanoma cases (skin cancer) are preventable.” Sunburn is a regular occurrence during the summer months as we all dash to lie in the sunshine. It’s usually accompanied by the thought that wearing sun protection will “slow down” your tan and, after all, what does it matter if you look a little bit like a lobster for a few days? It matters a lot, and I’m saying this as someone who’s had two melanomas removed. I always thought that it wouldn't happen to me. Well, it did, and the scars are a daily reminder.

Escentual have launched #SunPoverty, a campaign that encourages children to wear sun protection, and so prevent future cases of skin cancer. They’re also lobbying the UK government to remove VAT on children’s suncream. Why is this important? 1.63 million children were eligible for free school meals in October 2020. So, how highly on the shopping list do you think suncream would be? Escentual have partnered with Clarins and Shiseido so that for every suncream bought from a participating brand, Escentual will donate one of their new SPF50+ suncreams to a child, so you can support and protect at the same time.

Scented suncream is nothing new, and we can thank Jean Patou for starting the trend with his Huile de Chaldée, a perfumed suntan oil that women fell in love with in the Roaring Twenties. The smell became so popular that Henri Alméras reorchestrated it and a perfume version was released simply called Chaldée. Scented sun-care is usually gloriously perfumed or invisibly unfragranced, so it can either take the place of your usual spritz during the summer months or sit silently under your favourite perfume. You have thousands to choose from, with many still inspired by the smell of the Twenties, but I’ve chosen two that truly are the scent of summer.

Suncare begins with the face, and gently fragranced products are a fantastic way to enjoy and protect in one sweep. Nuxe Sun Light Fluid High Protection SPF50 has the traditional scent of sweet orange, tiare flower and delicious tonka bean, so you immediately feel beach-ready. Remember to take it up into your hairline. By contrast, the Clarins Sun Care Oil Mist for Body & Hair SPF30 features the botanicals that Clarins are famous for, but in a dry oil. With the unmistakable aroma of zesty bergamot, watery cucumber, and a hint of peony and rose, this uplifting scent can also be used on your hair, and so protects your scalp from burning.

The gold star suncream for 2021 has to be the Escentual Sunscreen SPF50+ because, even forgetting the fantastic buy-one-donate-one campaign, it is an incredible product. Broad-spectrum, so reliable against UVA and UVB rays, and unfragranced, it doesn’t get in the way of your favourite scent. It also comes with a nifty carabiner clip so that it can be attached to a school bag, gym bag, or beach bag. You really don’t have any excuse to get caught out this year, so lobster pink bodies should be a thing of the past. Remember, don’t gamble with your child’s or your own future, always wear sun protection.

Escentual Sunscreen SPF50+ is priced at £6.95 for 45ml, Clarins Sun Care Oil Mist for Body & Hair SPF30 is priced at £19.35 for 150ml and Nuxe Sun Light Fluid High Protection SPF50 is priced at £19.50 for 50ml. All are available from the Escentual website at where you can also learn how you can get involved in the #SunPoverty campaign. [Samples were provided by Escentual]

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