Thursday 3 June 2021

HOOHAA - The Ultimate Perfume Subscription

The anticipation of a knock at the door heralding the arrival of the post has become a highlight for many over the past year. Being stuck at home meant that everyday activities were seriously affected, and that included shopping for anything that wasn’t a necessity. So it’s hardly surprising that this period saw the launch of many subscription services, and an increase in the availability of discovery boxes, with the perfume industry definitely leading the charge. Obviously the quality of the offerings varied dramatically, but one company that has absolutely nailed it is HooHaa. If you haven’t heard of them then it’s time that you did.

HooHaa came from a very simple desire to give niche fragrance houses a wider audience. Now this might sound very similar to the many others that are offering this kind of service, but there are a few big differences. HooHaa isn’t a distributor and so doesn’t have a contract with the companies that they feature. They hand pick the fragrances that they carry solely based on quality and originality. They also have arguably the finest, and fairest, perfume evaluator in the form of Brooke Belldon. Now I’ve always been a little sceptical about the motives of a subscription service, but I needn’t have worried with HooHaa.

The company was founded by two fragrance fans, Lorenzo Vasini and Ryan Hall, but it’s fair to say that Brooke definitely keeps them in check. They had subscribed and sampled in the past in the same way as everybody else, but always felt it smacked of a hard sell rather than a scented exploration. So they decided to try it themselves. Many months of searching for the perfect fragrances ultimately saw the project expand into a standalone website, and so all of the perfumes became available for sale separately from the subscription. They truly have a diverse selection of scents, and there are even more surprises arriving in the coming months.

So how does the HooHaa subscription service work? Well, quite simply, it’s £14.95 per month and you receive a generous 10ml vial. There are three categories, Easy Does It, Buckle Up, and Take Me To Mars. Each of these gets progressively more unusual, so you choose the one that suits you best. Now you can change styles between months and even pause your subscription, but I really don’t think that the latter is ever going to happen. You can also subscribe to more than one category, or all of them, so you’d then get an amazing 30ml of niche fragrance for just £45! June’s trio has just landed, but what’s inside?

The fragrances all come in an eco-friendly matchbox design and this month we’re treated to Migration de L'Arbe by Senyoko, Trimerous from Jorum Studios, and Frassai’s A Fuego Lento. Choosing a favourite from these is impossible, but getting the opportunity to revisit one of the releases from Jorum Studios was definitely a highlight. Trimerous is a celebration of the deliciously buttery and powdery orris, but they explode it with a peppery bergamot at the top and a delicately fruited leather in the base. Seriously, there are many at-home discovery options for perfume lovers, but all of them look decidedly amateur next to this one. HooHaa is carefully curated, honestly presented, and wonderfully exciting.

The HooHaa subscription is available from their website at priced at £14.95, and remember you can subscribe to more than one category. The folks at HooHaa also have a fantastic 30% discount on your first month at the moment if you use the code BROOKE30, but be quick because it runs out at the end of September. [Subscription was gifted by the brand]

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