Monday 30 August 2021

BERGAMOT by Kitty's Herbery

The news that your favourite shop is closing, a personal fragrance is being discontinued, or even just the realisation that change is inevitable is something that we all have to deal with on a pretty regular basis at the moment. We like familiarity, and it throws us off kilter when we don’t have it. So, when I saw that a Cornish staple had closed its doors after nineteen years my heart sank. However, they were quickly lifted when I read that there was a new company in town that was paying homage to the original but had a definite eye on the future. It’s time to discover
Kitty’s Herbery, and their beautiful Bergamot fragrance.

Back in 2001 a company was born from very simple roots that would go on to become a recognised name in North Cornwall and beyond. I’m talking about St Kitts Herbery. Founded by Susan and Paul Johnson, they ended up with a fantastic range of fragrances, body products and home scents to rival any of the swanky London boutiques. Such was their success that their Rosemary & Bergamot range became a customer and hotel favourite, and could be found in Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall and the St Enodoc Hotel. Situations change and, in 2020, the company closed its doors after nineteen years.

This could easily have been the end of the line but, thankfully, three siblings have picked up the challenge. Betty, Albert and Minnie used to work at the original company and couldn’t bear to see those customer favourites disappear. It was also the middle of a pandemic and they needed to work. So, they formed a new company, Kitty’s Herbery. Whilst it has the blessing of the original founders, this new company is completely separate with a brand new store in Bude. The trio have acquired some of the existing customer favourites but have also added in some new surprises, so it’s the perfect blend of tradition and originality.

I want to focus on a scent that dates from 2003, and is one that perfectly bridges the gap between summer and autumn. The Rosemary & Bergamot collection was launched as a series of body products and very quickly became a firm favourite. So, it was decided to introduce an eau de toilette version, which took that original collection as its inspiration. Designed to be layered, or worn alone, Bergamot is actually so much more than the simple name might suggest. Now, I love to wear citrus fragrances in the autumn, but ones that also have a hidden warmth to them, and this is why Bergamot from Kitty’s Herbery is so perfect.

The fragrance opens with a rush of exciting citrus, and the star ingredient is definitely leading the charge. The lavender-nuanced bergamot blends beautifully with a sherberty lemon and tart lime before being joined by a note of clove. This spice combines with a subtle touch of rose to hint at an autumnal crispness, but there is more to come. The development of the scent sees a pairing of vetiver and patchouli adding an earthiness, like fallen leaves under your feet, before a tonka bean and amber accord suggest that the woolen scarf isn’t too far away. Don’t be fooled by the price of this fragrance, beautiful fragrances don’t always have to cost the earth.

Bergamot is available from the Kitty’s Herbery website at priced at £33 for 50ml. It’s also available as a rollerball perfume priced at £20 for 10ml. [Sample provided by Kitty’s Herbery]

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