Monday 25 July 2022


Arran After The Rain Candle and Diffuser
The world of home fragrance is a massive industry, and it’s one that just keeps getting bigger. The idea of creating a scented mood or a feel within our homes has never been more popular, and this was really amplified during the periods of lockdown. That’s why with people still spending so much time inside their homes, for both work and for pleasure, your fragranced environment is so important. Whether that’s uplifting citrus, calming florals, or inspirational woods, the sky really is the limit. One company that have created the ultimate scented home pairing is Arran, and their After The Rain fragrance is as popular as ever.

Arran is a company that I’ve reviewed before, when I looked at their incredibly evocative scent Machrie, but they’ve come a long way since they first appeared in 1989. Back then they were known as Arran Aromatics, but in 2016 they simply became Arran and promised to provide a “sense of Scotland”. There was no change in the philosophy of creating scents that were inspired by the island’s location, and the bestsellers also stayed exactly as they were. The company did expand though into the natural market with their Vegan Naturals Collection, along with creating a carefully curated men’s range.

Arran After The Rain Candle
However, 1999 was the year that would see a massive change in the company's history with the launch of what would become their bestselling fragrance. Inspired by “the unique, fresh scent of an Arran garden following a rainstorm”, After The Rain quickly became their signature perfume and was eventually rolled out across the full range of fragranced products. From shower gel to body butter and shampoo to soap, you could literally indulge in the scent in a multitude of ways. The real treat for the fans of the fragrance undoubtedly came when the scent was introduced into the ever-popular home collection.

It’s a tricky job to take a fragrance and make it work in various forms, for example candles and diffusers, because the scent has to work in different ways. The perfume has a lifespan over which it can develop on the skin, but home products need to capture a specific moment that represents the entire scent. While the candle and room diffuser for After The Rain both share a core aroma, it presents itself in a slightly different way. The candle scent is slightly sweeter while the diffuser is wonderfully crisp, and it’s this slight variation that means they work perfectly apart or wonderfully together.

Arran After The Rain Diffuser
After The Rain
is built around a core trio of lime, rose and sandalwood, but there's a lot more going on here. The rose has a dewy quality rather than the more traditional velvety richness, and it’s this that sits so comfortably with the aromatic touches of lavender and cardamom. The latter helps with the effect of refreshed air after a rainstorm, and additional green notes provide a glimpse of dampened grass and garden foliage. The overall effect really is of stepping outside as the sun starts to break through the subsiding rain and, whether you prefer the crisp diffuser or the warming candle, After The Rain is the perfect autumnal home scent.

After The Rain is available from the Arran website at The 350ml candle and the 200ml diffuser are both priced at £33, and the fragrance is also available in a variety of other products. [Samples provided by Arran]

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