Monday 11 July 2022


Jo Loves Green Orange & Coriander Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion Bottles
There are certain names that have become synonymous with particular products, whether that’s fragrance or homeware, because they are acknowledged to be the experts in their fields. This expertise is often the result of spending years honing their craft, but can also include the act of sidestepping from one similar career to the next. One of the biggest examples of this is surely the Queen of Layering, Jo Malone. She built her empire on the basic foundation of providing beautiful scents in a variety of forms, and one of the most popular of these must surely be her famous shower gels and body lotions.

Jo Malone began her career as a hard working beauty therapist and, as she revealed in her autobiography, originally created scented products specifically to use in her treatments. This natural ability to come up with ingredient combinations that were both engaging and exciting grabbed the attention of her clients, and they began to ask whether they could also take them home. This realisation that she had created something that was connecting to people on a very personal level was the catalyst for the eventual opening of her first store in 1994, and the success that followed was phenomenal.

The original company was famously sold to Estée Lauder in 1999 and Jo left completely in 2006, but it would be a long contractual five years before she was back with Jo Loves. This new company, nothing to do with the original, continued a tradition that had started all those years before. She could easily have walked away, and briefly did, but the pull to create was too strong. Jo Malone said in 2011 that her new fragrances would be “inspired by the memories and moments in life that I love,” and that also shines through in her body products.

Jo Loves Green Orange & Coriander Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion Bottles
Remembering that Jo started her career as a beauty therapist, it was always pretty much guaranteed that her trademark style of shower gels and body lotions would make a return in the new company. The original concept still stands, that fragrances can be combined through the use of various products to create something unique, but there's also a simpler approach with Jo Loves. Many people become fiercely loyal to one particular scent, and this is now celebrated by allowing customers to buy the matching products in one simple click. Some might think that this is unadventurous, but Jo assures us that loyalty is okay.

Green Orange & Coriander was one of the fragrances that helped launch Jo Loves back in 2011, and it’s still a fantastic scent. The combination of the black pepper and the coriander gives a vibrantly aromatic quality, which blends perfectly with the tartness of the green orange, but the dry earthiness of the oakmoss and the patchouli provides a lasting quality on the skin that is addictive. You get a touch of tonka bean sweetness at the end, and a hint of lavender, so it feels like it sits perfectly between the traditionally masculine fougère and feminine chypre. With the shower gel containing aloe leaf juice and the body lotion including vitamin E, you’re guaranteed a deliciously scented pampering.

The Green Orange & Coriander duo is available from the Jo Loves website at priced at £75 for the two 275ml bottles. The products are also available to purchase on their own. [Samples provided by Jo Loves]

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