Monday 2 November 2015

Galimard Slashes Its Catalogue

It happens every day, but it doesn't make it any easier. Perfume companies cannot keep everything in permanent production, and so some fragrances inevitably get discontinued. Sometimes this is due to ingredient regulation, but more often it is simply because of a fall in sales. So, it is with deep regret that I have to be the bearer of bad news. Galimard have taken the mammoth decision to discontinue thirteen of their heritage range!

One of these is the fragrance that relaunched the company back in 1946, but that customers have unfortunately turned their backs on, and the others are also pre-2000. They are available while stocks last, but don't wait too long because quantities are limited and they are already out of production. Here is a rundown of my favourites from the list, along with a description of each one.

GALIMAR: This is the fragrance which relaunched the company back in 1946. A beautiful Oriental, and my favourite from the entire range, I’m very sorry to see this go. Obviously based on Shalimar, the rose is more pronounced, but still has a wonderfully spiced centre, the patchouli is beautifully warm and the iris understated. If you only buy one then make it this one!

GELSOMINO: All about the tuberose and jasmine. Very little else to say about this exquisite Floral. The base is laden with musk, vanilla and vetiver. The perfect scent for a walk on a crisp Christmas morning.

SOIR DE GRASSE: Ever wanted Insolence by Guerlain as a Chypre? Well, here it is. A Chypre Floral that combines violet and lilac, but adds a note of green leaves. The carnation stops the whole fragrance becoming too sweet and links beautifully to the oakmoss as it starts to come through.

OFFREZ-LUI: Originally called Pour Lui, this fragrance screams of a Woody Caron Pour Homme. The addition of a geranium among the lavender though takes it a little towards Guerlain’s Jicky, but the bergamot keeps it fresh before the jasmine and sandalwood make their appearance.

DOUBLE ZERO: A very powerful Fougere fragrance with huge doses of vetiver, lemon and lavender. The pine is kept under control by a delicate jasmine, and the whole perfume sits comfortably on a “forest floor” dryness.

COSAQUE: An interesting take on the Marine fragrance, but dressed up as a Chypre. It is a tempestuous jasmine given masculinity by a clary sage. The dry-down is more comforting with a musk and sandalwood warmth.

RAFTING: Again designed as a Chypre, an opening of bergamot and tea blend with even more citrus before coming to rest on a spicy rosewood. This one was interesting because a lot of ladies also found themselves drawn to it.

Also discontinued are A Contre-Jour, Notre Temps, Printemps Japonais, Cybèle, Grasse à toi and Galimard Star (the final three have already sold out).

The fragrances are available from Galimard's website, while stocks last, and also from the Grasse and Eze boutiques in France.

All images are copyright Stephen Webb.


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    1. Hello King John, thanks for your comment. Galimar was my favourite as well, which is why I stocked up before it was discontinued. Best, Stephan