Monday 11 March 2019

Three New Aqua Allegorias from Guerlain

It’s always very difficult to pin down the seasons, especially with the current unexpected variations in temperature, but there is one annual fragrance release that definitely makes it feel like spring has arrived. Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria range has earned a reputation for lifting us out of the winter blues and hinting at the warmth that is to come, and this year there are three to choose from. Flora Cherrysia, Ginger Piccante, and Coconut Fizz join the existing lineup and perfectly compliment the ten already on offer. Created by Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk, let’s see what Guerlain has created for 2019.

The Aqua Allegoria range was conceived by Jean-Paul Guerlain in 1999 and originally comprised Pamplelune, Herba Fresca, Rosa Magnifica, Lavande Velours, and Ylang & Vanille. For many years the routine was to discontinue one of the five and replace it with a new scent, but last year there was no discontinuation, four were brought back, and there was even a new release in the form of Passiflora. This year sees the launch of a further three fragrances but, unfortunately, Nerolia Bianca will be leaving the series. The Aqua Allegoria collection will now consist of twelve fragrances but, for now, let’s look at the new three.

Flora Cherrysia is described as “the spirit of cherry blossom sprinkled with water” and is the only one of this year's releases that has been created by Thierry Wasser. It opens incredibly brightly, with a watery green bergamot, before the scent of pear and rose seem to actually blossom through the centre. It’s this combination that appears to give the cherry blossom quality of the title to the scent, and it does push the fragrance towards a more traditionally feminine style. Flora Cherrysia dries down to the Thierry Wasser staple of white musk and this gives a gentle finish to a delicately fruity floral scent.

Ginger Piccante promises us “the spirit of a fresh, candied ginger with a note of rose” and is, in a word, arresting. Created by Delphine Jelk, the ginger note is used to the fullest effect here and is surrounded with a tangy lemon to push the tartness even further. This links seamlessly down to a heart of peppered rose and it’s this spiciness that makes Ginger Piccante a surprisingly unisex floral. The final development of the scent pulls out an elegant note of dry cedarwood and musk, but this spicy floral never escapes that arresting ginger.

Coconut Fizz tempts us by offering “the spirit of coconut water with a touch of fresh fruit” and is my favourite of the three. Again by the wonderful Delphine Jelk, and definitely aimed at those seeking summer warmth, it opens with the effect of an effervescent coconut water touched delicately with a note of freesia. The bergamot helps to keep this refreshingly buoyant before a dry down of sandalwood and tonka bean puts it firmly in the suntan lotion category. It succeeds brilliantly because of its perceived simplicity and its floral oriental character is perfect for anyone that is still mourning the loss of Lys Soleia.

Flora Cherrysia, Ginger Piccante, and Coconut Fizz are available from all Guerlain stockists priced at £59 for 75ml or £88 for 125ml.


  1. Looking forward to trying the new AA's but so sad that Nerolia Bianca is leaving as it was a favorite of mine.

    1. It is a big favourite of mine as well, which is why I’m stocking up! Thank you for reading. Best, Stephan