Monday 1 June 2020

ATTUNE SKINCARE - An Aromatic Explosion

The scent that you get when you open a face cream, or any beauty product for that matter, is seen by many as being just as important as the promised effects. It’s like the thrill of breaking the foil on a new jar of coffee, and being the first person to experience that aroma as it escapes from the sealed compartment. The fragrances within these potions and preparations can invigorate or relax, depending on what ingredients are chosen, but they can also be designed to appeal to a specific market. Attune Skincare is one of the latest to focus on the power of scent, and their citrus aromatic offering is absolutely stunning.

There have been many attempts to crack the male skincare market over the years but something has always prevented the majority of those companies realising their full potential. L’OrĂ©al and Clinique are the two that always come to mind as examples of brands that really managed to grab the attention and maintain their momentum, but the vast number fall by the wayside after a few years of trading. So, it takes guts and determination to try and take a piece of the male grooming market, but that is exactly what Barbara Toth and Dr. Jozsef Papp are attempting with Attune.

The idea for the company came from Jozsef’s experience that there wasn’t a range of men’s skincare products on the market that truly appealed to him and so, in true entrepreneurial style, he decided to create them himself. He did have the advantage of having studied chemistry, completing a Ph.D. in pharmacy, and of spending over fifteen years creating products for other brands. The basic concept was a product that moisturised, protected, and supported the skin’s natural healing process. It may sound like a simple list, but it’s the combination that every company is searching for on a daily basis.

Alongside this trio of goals it was also decided that the range would be natural and vegan. This trend for what many are calling “green beauty” has exploded in recent years, but Barbara and Jozsef were clear that performance wouldn’t be compromised for the sake of fashion. This natural route is one of the reasons why the scent of the products is actually so refreshing. Created in Vienna, the products all come in glass, which is recyclable, and the mid-century box design of bold prints and colours just adds to the excitement of “breaking the seal.” The performance is everything that they promise, but how does it smell?

The scent of the products is designed to give an uplifting feeling and this is thanks mainly to a rush of bergamot and, just in the background, a touch of orange. The main difference for me though was that it also includes the aroma of basil, which gives a green aromatic quality to the scent. As the product settles you also start to get a whisper of vetiver coming through but it’s kept crisp thanks to a touch of juniper. The products feel fantastic on the skin and, whilst Attune was designed with men in mind, they’re also perfect for women who want a little more scented excitement from their skincare.

The full range is available from the Attune website at, or from LoveLula at, with both the moisturiser and eye balm priced at €39. [Sample provided by Barbara Toth]

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