Thursday 25 June 2020


Buying a fragrance as a gift can be difficult for anyone, but it becomes even harder if that person happens to be a man. I know that it sounds like I’m making a huge generalisation here, but the majority of men will find one scent and remain loyal to it until you manage to prise it out of their hand. Women are much happier to browse the latest releases, play with the free department store samples, and choose a new perfume for a new season. In an attempt to help take the hassle out of the high street, The Perfume Society has launched the latest in their Discovery Box series and it truly is designed for Everyman.

One of the goals of The Perfume Society was to make fragrance accessible to all. Now this sounds like a pretty easy concept, but many reviewers and societies often find themselves falling too far down the purple prose rabbit hole. Niche fans will always hunt out the unusual and the challenging, but regular customers also need help to navigate the mountain of releases every month. These “regular customers” are the bread and butter of the fragrance industry, and you ignore them at your peril. With the Everyman Discovery Box, the sample selecting is done for you and all you have to do is spray.

The hardest part about getting a man to think about scent, or change what they currently use, is actually persuading them to try it. It’s for this reason that the box is deliberately called Everyman. A lot of those regular customers that I mentioned earlier will gravitate towards either the male or female category of fragrance, and so by embracing this idea The Perfume Society have doubled their chances of success. Of course the box is still suitable for women as well, because scent doesn’t have a gender, but you know that you’ll be getting fragrances that are more typically “masculine.”

The line-up for the box is pretty impressive, and that’s before we even get to the full size treats! Inside you’ll find Pacific Ross Moss from Goldfield & Banks, Cuir Sacré from Atelier Des Ors, Santal Sky from Kierin NYC, Urban Hero from Jimmy Choo, Explorer from Montblanc, The Original from Eight & Bob, Ferragamo EDT from Salvatore Ferragamo, 17 Oud Mosaic from Banana Republic, Beat Cafe from JUSBOX, and L’Insoumis Ma Force from Lalique. Not technically a free gift, Gentleman Urbane from Yardley also comes as a very generous 18ml. So, you’ve got your fragrance, now it’s time to make you look dapper.

One of the often overlooked parts of The Perfume Society Discovery Boxes are the full sized treats that cover, if not exceed, the price that you’ll pay for the whole collection. To go into this latest set it was decided to add some well needed male pampering. With us having more time at home at the moment, you’ve got the Vitamin B3 Deep Cleanse Mask from Super Facialist to try and also the Shape Texturising Cream from Fish for all of our unruly locks! Now’s the time to explore some new scents, and The Perfume Society have put together a cracking selection.

The Perfume Society Everyman Discovery Box is available from their website at priced at £19 or £15 for members. [Sample provided by The Perfume Society]

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