Monday 11 January 2021


The constant search for new ways to enjoy perfume is one that fragrance fans have become masters at. Every conceivable way of delivering that scented hit has been tried, from shower gels to hair mists, and it’s certainly no longer just a case of spritzing your favourite perfume and then heading out of the door - I wish life was still that simple. The last twelve months saw the very public appearance of a new way to utilise fragrance, and it truly was a life saver. Hand sanitisers became an important subcategory of fragrance in 2020 and, with no let-up to restrictions, it’s time to welcome the new Earth Hand Sanitiser Spray by Tessa Williams.

Tessa is no stranger to the world of perfume and her decision to create this latest product in the Elements collection really is a natural progression. The main collection began as a series of four home scents and came as either a candle or a room spray. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water each took their cues from the natural world and managed to cover earthy aromatics through to crisp expansiveness. So, it was no surprise that the range quickly gathered a loyal band of followers around the world. However, some of them fell a little too in love with the scents.

The quartet of room sprays had been created in such a way that they ended up smelling like fully rounded personal fragrances, and that was how many people were using them. The legalities around what can be sprayed into the air and what can be sprayed onto the skin are not the same, and so Tessa realised that she needed to offer an alternative. The four fragrances were revisited and relaunched as Living Colognes, taking their cue from the ever changing elements, and showed early on that Tessa Williams has not afraid to adapt.

Her range was subsequently joined by three new perfumes, Faith, Hope, and Love, but there was still one more project to be completed. There had been a rush by many companies to launch exorbitantly priced hand sanitisers, but Tessa wanted to support customers rather than exploit them. So she decided to take one of her existing Living Cologne fragrances and again rework it. Still retaining its recognisable scent, but this time contributing to the fight against a global pandemic, Earth Hand Sanitiser Spray launched in December 2020 and is the perfect way to keep our hands clean, scented, and safe.

Even though this is a hand sanitiser, the fragrance works in exactly the same way as its perfume counterpart. It opens with a wonderful blend of black pepper and lemon but is quickly joined by earthy touches of geranium. It’s this classic unisex floral that links so perfectly down to the elegant cedar wood and dry vetiver to hint at an expansive sun dappled woodland. The woodiness is added to, and given a bitter chocolate quality, thanks to patchouli before a final touch of musk and leather provides a comforting support. This may be designed for the hands, but I can definitely see this cologne-esque scent heading chestward!

Earth Hand Sanitiser Spray is available from the Tessa Williams website at priced at £14.95 for 50ml. There is currently an incredible 40% discount across the whole collection using the code STAYSAFE40, which takes the price down to £8.97. [Bottle was purchased]

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