Monday 25 January 2021

GENOA BAY EAU DE COLOGNE by Wild Coast Perfumery

The dream of launching your own perfume brand is one that many fragrance fans consider at some point, although few continue beyond that initial thought. The time that needs to be invested, not to mention the financial backing, can make it unattractive in the long term. However, if you do have the courage to take it further then you unlock a world of creativity. This is exactly what Laurie Arbuthnot did when she founded Wild Coast Perfumery in 2017. Located on Vancouver Island, her inspiration comes from the incredible surroundings, and it’s these that have resulted in the equally spectacular Genoa Bay Eau de Cologne.

Laurie’s interest in perfumery came about during a visit to Italy and she likens it almost to an awakening. Obviously she had worn scent in the past, but the combination of the surroundings and the perfumes really grabbed her. It would be a decade before Laurie decided to take this any further but she did eventually enrol in an online perfumery course. Originally it was just to understand fragrance in more detail, but it soon went beyond a simple curiosity. Further study in San Francisco followed, along with a lot of experimentation, before Wild Coast Perfumery finally launched in 2017.

It was decided to make the brand a natural one and also to include at least one native ingredient in each of the fragrances. Laurie was always very clear that it would be impossible to solely use materials that were local, and so some would have to come from other sources. As part of her creations she also decided to include wild harvested tinctures that she produces herself, one of which is her Vancouver Island Oakmoss. Described as “fresh, powdery, green, and earthy,” it has become a sort of signature in the Wild Coast Perfumery fragrances.

The Wild Coast Perfumery collection is pretty diverse considering the entire range only numbers twelve but, for me, the star of the show has to be their Genoa Bay Eau de Cologne. The inspiration comes from the bay itself, which is described as quiet and relaxed, and offers visitors incredible views across crystal clear waters. The bay was named after Giovanni Baptiste Ordano, whose birthplace was Genoa in Italy, and so it made sense for Laurie to create an Italian inspired cologne that also drew on the panoramic views found in this spectacular place. With spring rapidly approaching, it’s the perfect time to dive into Genoa Bay.

The fragrance opens with an exquisitely bright blend of bergamot and neroli that really emphasises the sharpness of the combination, and the expansive landscape, but also hints at the campherous aromatic notes that are to follow. This opening is tempered by sweet orange, but very quickly a jasmine enhanced rosemary comes through alongside a touch of lavender. However, the arrival of a cherry pie heliotrope note is such a treat that it almost overshadows the smooth tonka bean and oakmoss pairing that then arrives, but not quite. With a final wash of orange blossom and elegant cedar, Genoa Bay Eau de Cologne really is the perfect modern interpretation of Farina’s classic from 1709.

Genoa Bay Eau de Cologne is available from the Wild Coast Perfumery website at priced at $49CAD for 15ml and $89CAD for 50ml. [Sample provided by Laurie Arbuthnot]

* Wild Coast Perfumery fragrances are formulated to comply with Canada’s allergen restrictions rather than EU allergen restrictions.

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