Monday 18 January 2021

TASSONI 225 by Terre del Garda

January is traditionally the month that we either hop on a plane to catch some post-winter sunshine or start planning the annual summer holiday. That’s why, with travel still heavily restricted, you could be forgiven for thinking that the only option is to put on another jumper and crank up the heating. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just close your eyes and feel yourself transported to a warmer climate? Well this is exactly what's on offer thanks to the new Discovery Pack from Terre del Garda, and in particular Tassoni 225. So, from resinous pines through to uplifting citrus, prepare to travel to the Italian shores.

Lake Garda is an incredibly popular tourist destination in northern Italy with over 22 million visitors every year. Its combination of mountain ranges, isolated islands, and a restful Mediterranean climate means that it's perfect for those looking for escape - and who isn’t at the moment? Also, the word “Garda” apparently has German origins and translates as “place of safety”, which is also high on everyone’s list at the moment. However, it’s a combination of the climate and the surroundings that have directly influenced the Terre del Garda collection, along with the vast array of plants and fruits that thrive in these Mediterranean conditions.

When the company launched in 2015 they said Terre del Garda is born of the fragrances, colours and sensations inspired by the Lake, to pay homage to a unique place, introduce more people to it, and preserve the memory of its essence.” They decided to take inspiration from the scented winds that blew across the lake, and which had traditionally been said to have the power to convey love and hope. Ora, which was named after the midday breeze, mixes a delicious fig with crisp aquatic notes whilst Peler, more of a delicate evening whisper, concentrates on the floral and aromatic qualities of the lake.

The collection was added to in 2016 by Balì, representing the cold winter wind with its notes of leathery oud, along with Vinessa, the East wind named after the city of Venice that blows in with a juniper and gardenia tartness. However, the following year saw the company’s first truly feminine floral arrive in the form of Isola del Garda, which contained a beautiful blend of rose petals with a white wood accord. This brings us to 2018 and the highlight of the collection for me, Tassoni 225. This uplifting citrus overload is exactly what we all need at the moment to conjure up sunshine and summer breezes.
Tassoni 225
celebrates the famous Italian drink Cedrata Tassoni, and so opens with an incredible citrus medley that brings an immediate sherbet-like effervescence to mind. This thirst-quenching quality is joined by a clever blend of basil and thyme, which adds an aromatic touch to the scent, before a wash of neroli and lilac gives the perfect floral balance along with some added greenness. Tassoni 225 retains its citrus quality throughout but, as it develops, a wonderful woodiness comes through thanks to the cedarwood and patchouli before a final pairing of dry vetiver and sweetened oakmoss has you reaching for a refill.

The Discovery Pack is available from the Terrre del Garda website at priced at €20 and includes a voucher for the same amount redemable against your first purchase. [Sample provided by Terre del Garda]

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