Thursday 21 January 2021

The New Jo Loves Fragrance Paintbrush

One of the hardest challenges facing the fragrance industry, even in the days when you could actually get near a shop, was how to bewitch your customer into buying your perfume. A cold wall of bottles staring starkly back may have worked in the past, but companies are always having to dream up inventive ways to entice people to purchase. Getting the product onto the skin is always the challenge, that is unless you’re the undisputed Queen of persuasion. Jo Malone changed the perfume industry forever with her scented services, and the tradition continues with her newly relaunched Fragrance Paintbrush.

When Jo Malone opened her original store in 1994 it followed a very established career as a beauty therapist. She knew from experience the way that certain sensations on the skin could evoke specific reactions, and how scent could also play a huge part in the overall enjoyment for her clients. So, it was hardly surprising that these “tricks of the trade” were called upon when she started to plan how her new customers would be able to experience those original ground-breaking fragrances. The “Jo Malone Hand and Arm Massage” became the holy grail of in-store scent discovery, but there was more to come.

The original company was famously sold to Estée Lauder in 1999 and Jo left completely in 2006, but it would be a long contractual five years before she was back with Jo Loves. This new company, nothing to do with the original, continued a tradition that had started all those years before. She could easily have walked away, and briefly did, but the pull to create was too strong. Jo Malone said in 2011 that her new fragrances would be “inspired by the memories and moments in life that I love,” but how would people get to experience them?

Well, Jo developed a new Fragrance Tapas approach that almost made you think in flavour rather than scent. In the same way that you would mix ingredients when you cook, this service allowed you to create your bespoke signature combination of Jo Loves products. Part of this experience saw the body lotion being applied with a paint brush, again drawing on the sensations from Jo’s days as a beauty therapist, and a seed was literally planted. What if fragrance could be applied with a brush rather than a spray? “When I first came up with the idea everyone said, ‘no one’s going to do it!’ Well how wrong they were.”

The first Fragrance Paintbrush was launched in 2017, originally coming in four fragrances, but at 18ml it was a little on the large side. So, never one to resist a challenge, Jo has just revealed the updated version which is a sleek silver 7ml. It works in exactly the same way by releasing a fragranced gel on the brush head which can then be swept onto the wrist, the neck, or the décolletage. This new version is refillable, which is great for our plastic footprint, and the updated gel really locks the scent onto the skin. We might not be going out at the moment, but this is the perfect “working from home” treat.

The Jo Loves Fragrance Paintbrush is available in seven fragrances from the Jo Loves website at and is priced at £40 for the brush plus one refill or £35 for a trio refill set. [Samples provided by Jo Loves]

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