Monday 31 January 2022

4711 REMIX COLOGNE by Nathalie Lorson

When a company tries to reinvent itself for a new generation the results can often be decidedly mixed. The brand may veer off into unfamiliar territory or accidentally alienate their current customers, neither of which is a desirable outcome. One company that have absolutely achieved this reinvention however is 4711. Arguably the most famous cologne in the world, their yearly limited edition Remix Cologne collection continues to captivate both existing and new fans, to the extent that it’s now become a permanent addition to the catalogue. So, let’s get up to speed by discovering the 2021 edition, and join in the celebration of neroli.

The two years that saw the world plunged into the middle of a pandemic also saw many fragrance launches cancelled or, in the case of last year’s Remix Cologne, not achieve the attention that they deserved. We had distribution issues, factories temporarily closed, and our focus was quite rightly on something else. However, with a much healthier horizon beginning to show itself, it’s time to start filling in some of the gaps from the past 24 months. The orange blossom edition of the famous 4711 cologne continues the idea of reinventing a classic for a new audience, and the results are beautiful.

The concept of a Remix Cologne collection began in 2017 when the company released a contemporary reworking of the original fragrance to celebrate its 225th birthday. Created by Alexandra Kalle and Vincent Schaller, the response was so incredible that it was decided to explore this idea further. Seven of the iconic fragrance’s ingredients would be showcased yearly in its own “remix”, and they would be orange, lavender, lemon, neroli, rosemary, petitgrain and bergamot. However, the new fragrances still had to exhibit the recognisable style of the original. The first three were outstanding, and so the pressure was on for number four.

To remix the famous neroli ingredient, the company turned to Firmenich’s Nathalie Lorson. A phenomenally established perfumer who's worked with the likes of Thierry Mugler, Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy, what would she bring to 4711? The chosen ingredient was neroli, but it was agreed to expand this to also bring in orange blossom. The two actually come from the same flower of the bitter orange tree but, because of different extraction methods, result in both neroli and orange blossom. So, with the instruction to “escape your everyday life and be who you want to be”, it’s time to discover the 2021 Remix Cologne.

The fragrance opens with a beautiful blend of mandarin and peach, but the arrival of the neroli stops the scent becoming too fruity thanks to its green edge. The appearance next of the more floral orange blossom is tempered by a powdery praline but, in a more contemporary move, a woody note is also included that has a delicately resinous facet. There’s a whisper of incense as the fragrance develops, that also seems to pull up a dry sandalwood quality from the base, before a sweetened patchouli adds a confident twist to the ending. The traditional neroli is never far away, but Nathalie Lorson has supported it with some delicious modern touches.

The 4711 Remix Cologne is available in from the 4711 website at (UK customers can purchase from Parfum Dreams at and is priced at €26 for 100ml. [Bottle was purchased]

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