Monday 17 January 2022

EGLANTINE by Fragonard

With every new year comes a new selection of perfume releases, and 2022 shows no signs of disappointing. From Guerlain right through to Jo Malone London, this year’s latest launches have been created, bottled and are waiting to be unveiled to the public. However, even though we may only just be coming out of the Christmas period, one company have already revealed their newest fragrance. The latest addition to Fragonard’s Flower of the Year collection is Eglantine and, in the clever hands of perfumer Karine Dubreuil, you will be powerless to resist it. So, you'd better get ready for a well-timed rose resurgence.

When we think about “new releases”, or often just perfume in general, it’s very easy for us to imagine the price tag hovering around the upper limits of our budgets. As I’ve said before, high prices do not guarantee quality, and there are still many companies striving to create universally affordable scents within everybody’s reach. Fragonard, which is arguably one of the most famous perfumeries in Grasse as well as the whole of France, has always tried to offer something for all budgets. So, whether you’re a tourist or a local, you can choose from extraits all the way to colognes.

Fragonard launched their Flower of the Year series back in 2010 as a way of offering a new collection of fragrances at an even more affordable price. Under the ever-watchful eyes of the three sisters that now run the company, the series quickly became a firm favourite with their customers around the world. Mimosa was chosen to be the first flower in the limited edition range and was followed by Fleur d'Oranger, Violette, Muguet, Pois des Senteurs, Jasmine, Iris, Pivoine, Verveine, Lavender, Magnolia and last year’s Fleur de la Passion. However, 2022 sees us welcome Eglantine to the family.

Eglantine is the name of the wild rose that is often found growing amongst the brambles, and is also called the dog rose. The choice of celebrating a real “back to basics” flower is perfectly timed for this release, as we also start to pick our way through the thorns of the past two years, and the perfumer has created something truly magical. Karine Dubreuil said, “During the creation process, I kept the idea of a wild garden in mind, evoking strolls in the forest, stumbling upon this shy flower on your way.” There are already many rose fragrances available but, I warn you, prepare to discover an absolute jewel.

The fragrance opens with a wonderfully tart blackcurrant and green mandarin pairing but, very quickly, the first hints of the rose begin to appear. Instead of the typically velvety scent that you may expect, you get the impression of the sappy green stem intertwining with the brambles before the delicate petals start pushing forward to be seen. The raspberry note so associated with rose is positioned gently in the background, but there is a little more to discover. The whole fragrance has been given an airy expansiveness thanks to an elegantly dry cedarwood, and the amber accord has an added brightness rather than the usually resinous weight. Eglantine is truly beautiful, and is an absolute must for all floral lovers out there.

Eglantine is available from the Fragonard website at priced at €20 for 50ml, and is also available as a soap and a diffuser. [Sample provided by Fragonard]

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