Monday 18 September 2023

FIREFLY by Adscenture

A bottle of the perfume Firefly by Adscenture
The act of finding a new fragrance is one that can seem like a tangle of suggestions, opinions and emotions. We’re often influenced by the season, even the occasion that the perfume is going to be worn at, but hopefully the final decision is something we trust to our own noses. It’s still often hard though to cut through the marketing messages and get to the heart of the scent, but it’s this constant quest for discovery that makes it a true vocation and an exciting “scent adventure”. You'll see that Adscenture have cleverly combined these words to form their name, and their Firefly fragrance is the perfect way to start your own scented travels.

Adscenture is the latest perfume company to come from the scent-inspired mind of Holly Hutchinson. Her previous companies have included Memoize, EAU.MG, Pictor and Contradictions in ILK, but this time the brief was slightly different. “Each scent conjures a place, a scene, a moment, a country, a feeling; whether far-flung or personal, urban or natural, tangible or psychological.” This gives the brand the scope to arguably be more contemporary, especially when the debut collection numbers a varied scentscape of ten fragrances. These run the gamut from green to gourmand, but we’re heading in a more aromatic direction.

One of the discussions around perfume at the moment is concerning the uniformity of the bottles. In the past we would see these flacons created from scratch for each new launch, none of them ever resembling each other, but that’s a trend that has almost disappeared. Companies now purchase bottles wholesale from suppliers, and so the uniqueness is simply shown in the label. For the Adscenture range, Holly commissioned a series of postcard-like illustrations to conjure the fragrance inside, and it’s the perfect example of how you elevate a wholesale bottle into something that feels unique.

The box for the perfume Firefly by Adscenture
Now, Firefly takes its name from the insects that illuminate the night sky but, in Holly Hutchinson’s adventure, it feels as though you’re seeing these while being surrounded by the imposing trees of a forest slowly waking up. As you’d imagine, the centre of any woodland is an explosion of scents, from the undergrowth to the distant aromas carried on humid air as it explores the space. However, there’s also a scented feeling of hope that’s been included in this perfume. Fragrances inspired by forests are nothing new but, in the case of Firefly, there’s a ceremonial quality that is certain to make you fall in love with it.

The fragrance opens with a peppery blend of bergamot and lime, so you instantly get that firefly brightness, but there’s also a note of aromatic lavender early on that immediately starts to place you in the outdoor setting. It’s interesting that subtle note of rose and blackcurrant then arrive simultaneously, which combine to give a forest berry quality, before the morning mist slides in with its aquatic edge. The development of Firefly is where the magic happens though, because a ceremonial frankincense and oakmoss combine beautifully to suggest a secluded location away from prying eyes. However, with the final underfoot appearance of earthy patchouli and dry vetiver, you’re granted access to a private moment, some scented downtime, and that's definitely something that we all need.

Firefly is available from the Adscenture website at, and also from The Perfume Society, priced at £60 for 30ml, £85 for 50ml and £115 for 100ml. It’s also available as part of the Discovery Set priced at £39. [Sample provided by Holly Hutchinson]

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