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The Heart Charm bottle for the perfume JASMIN GYOKURO from ARTIMIQUE
The world of perfumery is built upon multiple traditions, whether that’s a fragrance's classification or through to those pesky note pyramids, but one of the most obvious is the notion of how people discover a perfume. The majority will still go into a store and smell the latest release on a paper blotter, before taking the plunge and spraying themselves liberally, and this might lead to the gift of a precious 2ml sample from the salesperson. Now this has been the norm for decades, but Artimique is challenging this with her beautiful Heart Charm, and the UK-based Sainte Cellier is backing her every step of the way.

The idea of a 2ml sample is so that customers can try a perfume in the comfort of their own home. Hopefully it will discharge its precious contents when it’s spritzed, but that’s not always the case. In recent years, niche brands have started to charge for their samples because the cost of producing them, once you add up the vials and the fragrance and the time, is quite significant. With these prices continuing to increase, wouldn’t it be great if your sample came in a charm that could be reused and added a little bit of luxury to the sampling process?

Sainte Cellier was launched by fragrance aficionado Brooke Belldon in June 2022, and her first two years of trading have cemented a loyal following for a truly unique online stockist. Brooke’s passion had always flipped between the classics and the forward-thinking fragrances, so it comes as no surprise that the carefully curated selection of brands that she carries are some of the finest you’ll find in the niche market. Each one has earned its place on the site due to quality and authenticity, and this is what made Artimique the perfect addition to the stable.

The Heart Charm bottle for the perfume JASMIN GYOKURO from ARTIMIQUE
was founded by Sara Marzocchini after a childhood spent in her family’s small perfumery. She became fascinated by the way ingredients combined to create “magic”, and so she knew that perfumery was where her future lay. The company have three perfumes in their collection, Coconut Blanket, Shower & Smoke, and Jasmin Gyokuro. The range comes as 50ml Eau de Parfum, but for a limited time they are also available in a 4ml Heart Charm for £20 (a usual 2ml sample is £10). Any of the three are fragrances would be a joy to discover, but Jasmin Gyokuro is the perfect match for this heart-shaped bottle.

The fragrance opens with a crunchy pear aroma backed by a subtle edge of bergamot, but a tea accord also adds an early powderiness to the scene that is “magical”. However, the floral heart that perfumer Cristiano Canali has then constructed is a delicate blend of jasmine, tuberose and tiare. This could be overpowering in some hands, but Cristiano has romanticised the bouquet to embody delicate desire rather than devilish demand. With a final pairing of earthy vetiver and a touch of patchouli, all supported by a whiskyed musk, Jasmin Gyokuro is a wonderful celebration of this iconic flower.

The full Artimique collection is available from the Sainte Cellier website at priced at £115 for 50ml, £20 for the 4ml Heart Charm, and £10 for each 2ml sample. [Sample provided by Sainte Cellier]

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