Thursday 7 September 2017

"C" by The Perfumer's Story

Creating fragrances for specific people takes away any necessity for a “brief” or a “marketing strategy” because you are translating that person’s wishes or character into a perfume. This means that you can end up with a library of scents that only have one thing in common; they are not designed to be “commercial”. After creating for personalities, friends, organisations and companies, Azzi Glasser had a back catalogue of very individual scents. So, with the muses’ permission, she created The Perfumer’s Story as a way of sharing her fragrances with the public. One of these original scents was simply titled “C”.

Azzi Glasser never imagined that she would end up in the perfume industry, although she always had a keen interest in scent. Until the age of four Azzi lived with her grandmother in Mumbai, which couldn’t have been more different from her first impressions of London when she came back. She always says that the one thing that made her feel comfortable though was the smell when it rained. It reminded her of the monsoon season and it planted the seed at an early age that scent could be evocative and comforting.

At the age of twenty-one Azzi Glasser found herself working for CPL Aromas and collaborated with various brands before she took the brave move to break away and co-found Agent Provocateur Parfum. It was this decision that would ultimately see her unleash her full Creative Director flair with the release of the company’s first self-titled fragrance, which also won the 2001 FiFi Award for “Best New Female Fragrance In Limited Distribution.” This really gained her notoriety and she began creating bespoke perfumes for actors, musicians, basically anyone who wanted something that was different to the usual mainstream fragrances.

So, jump forward to 2015 and The Perfumer’s Story was born as a way of releasing some of her back-catalogue, complete with their original reference numbers. She said to the Perfume Society back in 2014 that “perfumery always seemed the most glamorous thing in the world”, and she has continued to express this in each of her subsequent fragrances. When describing “C” she said, “this perfume creates a sense of confidence and spirited energy, which becomes an attractant to those around you.” Her three key words were “magnetic, confident and edgy”, but would that really translate in formula F32993?

Straight out of the bottle you get an amazing rush of vetiver, which really isn't surprising in the least as it’s Azzi’s favourite ingredient. This wonderfully earthy aroma really anchors the fragrance before the pepper and citrus imbued neroli come through. It’s not listed but I do also get a hefty dose of cedarwood. This blends beautifully with the smokey, sensual guaiac wood and the addition of the very provocative labdanum makes this fragrance literally cling to the skin. It really is an “edgy” perfume and the pull between the piercing top notes and the sultry base makes it the perfect choice for autumn.

"C" is available from Harvey Nichols and Liberty priced at £95 for 30ml or for more information you can visit The Perfumer's Story website at [Sample provided by The Perfumer’s Story]

[Image of Azzi Glasser © Harvey Nichols]

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