Monday 22 October 2018

CANDLE BROS - Not Just For Men

The candle market continues to grow every year with more companies wanting a piece of the pie. The number of brands and the variety of flavours can be overwhelming but it cannot be denied that the majority of the scents do fall into the more fruity floral category. For those looking for a woody and spicy collection the hunt can be a little more challenging. This is where Luke Alexander and Benjamin Cross are poised to offer some help with their new company, Candle Bros. With five scents to choose from, and each offering something more akin to the traditionally masculine side of perfumery, which will be your favourite?

The world of commercial perfumery has always fallen into two camps, masculine and feminine, and candles always traditionally favoured the former. Men were slower to embrace the idea of scenting their surroundings but, more recently, the demand for “candles for men” has increased. In the same way that a floral candle can be enjoyed by guys, the more robust woody and spicy scents can obviously also be enjoyed by women, it just gives an easy shorthand to those customers who may prefer whisky to wisteria.

The idea for Candle Bros came about when Luke and Ben were at a family event and realised that, while the room smelled beautiful, the scent was undeniably floral. They had always struggled to find good quality candles that sat in an easily accessible price range, but also smelled fantastic with a decidedly masculine quality. Too much to ask? So, they took the decision to launch their own candle company and subtitled it “Candles For Men” as a direct reference to the style of scent. Five candles, a whopping 360g embossed tin, and all for £17 each. Too good to be true? Let’s find out.

HOME takes the amber style of scent but presents it in a much more relaxed way. A combination of rosewood and resins provides an intoxicating smoothness alongside distant touches of spiced blackberry and damson. With the traditional animalic aspect removed, this fragrance perfectly warms without being intrusive. INTENSE has a fougère feel to it with a decidedly aromatic earthiness. Black pepper and ginger are blended with a subtly crisp pine aroma before a touch of lavender brings in the aromatic. The oakmoss and tonka bean accord combine the earthy with the smooth and provide a contemporary take on this classic style.

RICH is the closest to a gourmand scent in the collection. A ground coffee accord blends with bitter chocolate and patchouli to give the perfect pairing, but the aroma is deepened with a subtle use of vanilla. Touches of orange lift the scent and make this a delicious fragrance. SMOOTH is an oriental style fragrance with a touch of mystery. A cinnamon spiced buttery quality blends with traces of dried fruits and tobacco leaf to provide the perfect winter warmth. A touch of vanilla, and even a hint of black cherry, makes this wonderfully relaxing.

URBAN is the most modern of the five with a definite watery cologne style. The bright aquatic citrus opens onto a heart of spiced geranium before a delicate blend of sandalwood, cedarwood and vetiver adds a refined woodiness. The support of musk and cyclamen complete this perfectly minimalist fragrance. Luke and Ben have sourced some excellent fragrance oils for their candles and blended them into some eye-catching waxes so, for just £17, it’s definitely worth taking a chance and even stocking up ready for Christmas. It’s hard to choose a favourite but RICH is just be ahead by a coffee bean.

The complete range is available from the Candle Bros website at and are £17 for 360g. [Samples provided by Candle Bros]

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