Thursday 13 June 2019

COWBOY VETIVER by Beacon Mercantile

Creating a new perfume brand is not something that should be entered into lightly because, unfortunately for some, the already overcrowded niche market is a difficult one in which to succeed. Having a real love for what you do can help but, in the end, it comes down to exquisite products and a loyal customer base. One company that has managed to combine both of these qualities though is Beacon Mercantile, which was founded by Toni Hacker in New York. A combination of candles and skincare have proved hugely successful for the brand but it’s the fragrances that customers are finding truly addictive.

When Toni Hacker founded Beacon Mercantile it was out of a simple desire to create the finest products that she could, and to use as many natural ingredients as possible. For too long she felt that the various items that she was purchasing lacked that “special something” and so the only thing to do was to make them herself. What started as a personal experiment into creation soon expanded into a fully formed range as Toni’s reputation spread. “There's a lot of love and passion behind every single item that I make,” and that is clear in her fragrances.

Toni’s background doesn’t immediately scream out that she would end up in the beauty industry, although the idea of “creative control” is something that has always been important to her. In 2005 she founded Hayden-Harnett, the handbag and accessories company that she would run until leaving the brand in 2015. For the next three years she continued to design for her new self-named company, Thacker, although the seeds had already been sown for what would eventually become Beacon Mercantile in May 2018. Toni said at the time, “What started out as a hobby quickly became my one true passion.”

The company has two different strands of fragrance that they offer, perfume and essential oil blends. This is a very clever way to structure your fragrance line because it means that you can offer wholly natural scents in the form of the blends but also be a little more experimental with the main collection. The perfumes are blended by Toni and, whilst they may be simple in their construction, they are impressive in their performance. Toni says of her perfumes, “I’ve always loved fragrance and the way that scent can completely transport you to a specific place, set a mood, and create memories.”

Cowboy Vetiver opens with notes of juniper berry but the addition of bergamot helps to add a mouthwatering tartness. It seems to be joined by hints of nutmeg and traces of jasmine, but it’s the early arrival of the earthy vetiver that really takes pride of place. Blended with a hay-like aroma and sweetened with what smells like coumarin, Cowboy Vetiver has a refreshing cologne feel about it that will make for a wonderfully intriguing summer scent. You do get the spacious and airy quality from the fragrance, reminiscent of the promised “red rocks and dusty trails,” but that wonderfully evocative vetiver is present throughout.

Cowboy Vetiver is available from the Beacon Mercantile website at priced at $35 for 30ml. [Sample provided by Beacon Mercantile]

[Photograph of Toni Hacker © Caroline Leavitt]


  1. Thank you SO much for the fantastic review, Stephan (my first)!!
    I will never forget this day! Heart. Melted. 💙🌿✨

    1. Hello Toni, I really enjoyed it and I wish you every success with the company. Best, Stephan