Thursday 2 July 2020

4711 REMIX COLOGNE by Alex Lee

Summer is the time of the year when we all hunt out the latest effervescent spritz to accompany us through another beachside holiday or weekend getaway. This year might see our vacation being considerably closer to home, but that doesn’t have to stop us creating our own little bit of sunshine. The fragrances that come out at this time of the year are all traditionally designed to uplift and energise us, and there is one company that has once again absolutely delivered on this promise. Now in its third year, Mäurer & Wirtz have released their latest 4711 Remix Cologne, and this time it’s a twist on the classic lemon.

4711 is the most famous cologne in the world and, whilst you can argue that it wasn’t the earliest, it’s still had an incredible longevity. Originally launched in 1792, the problem for these historical companies is that they have to keep reinventing themselves for a modern audience. It was for this reason that in 2017 they released the first 4711 Remix Cologne, a contemporary version of the classic formula. Its success took them slightly by surprise but they immediately realised that they were on to a winner. The question was how to replicate that success the following year.

The original Remix Cologne had been a modern twist on the well-loved classic, and so it was decided that the idea of “remixing” would be adapted to “refocusing.” 4711 owes its character to seven key ingredients and so the new seasonal range would see one of these pulled out as a star ingredient every year, and the fragrance built around it. The chosen seven were orange, lavender, lemon, rosemary, petitgrain, neroli, and bergamot. However, the fragrance would still have to exhibit the recognisable style of the original. It’s a difficult thing to pull off, but they rose to the challenge.

The first fragrance was an orange explosion thanks to Nicholas Beaulieu and then it was the turn of Christiane Plos’ lavender. To create this year’s “feeling of freedom,” the company turned to perfumer Alex Lee. Having trained at ISIPCA and the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, he was an ideal choice to create a feeling of contemporary freshness against the backdrop of expansive heritage. The difficulty was that lemon is a staple of all colognes and making it the star, whilst also creating an original composition, was going to require all of his skill. He succeeded. So, as the company says, “close your eyes and dream of your next adventure.”

The fragrance opens with a crisp and zesty lemon but is joined by the juicy citrus explosion that is yuzu. This mouth-watering effervescence is followed by a subtle accord of violet, rose, and orange blossom, but these are perfectly balanced so they don’t overshadow the lemon. It also means that the fragrance remains wonderfully unisex. The continuation of the scent sees Alex Lee flex his creative muscles with a delicately earthy patchouli and amber accord that stays on the right side of daytime cologne, but hints at the evening to come. Finished with a touch of musk, this beautiful summertime scent is a great addition to the collection.

4711 Remix Cologne is available from selected stockists and online at priced at €24.95 for 100ml. [Bottle was purchased]

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