Thursday 9 July 2020


During the past few months you’ll all have seen the increase in the quantity of online perfume discussions, interviews, and articles. This has all helped us to stay connected to our favourite companies and, whilst the quality may have been variable, at least they’ve tried. This is the first time that many brands have offered this kind of material, but one French company is now in their eighth year of giving customers an incredible magazine for free. Fragonard has seen many changes during its ninety-four years of fragrancing the Côte d’Azur, but none was more welcome than the launch of their very own publication.

The idea of a company producing a magazine is nothing new, and many would say that it’s an important piece of marketing for any perfume brand. However, getting the right balance between articles and adverts is difficult. Obviously the company wants to promote their products, but customers are very clever these days at spotting any attempt to get them to part with their money. It’s exactly this mix of coffee table imagery, afternoon reading, and product excitement that Fragonard have achieved with their self-titled magazine. Originally launched in 2013, this stunning annual release is the perfect antidote to those lockdown blues.

The magazine is an impressive 156 pages long and, I’ll say this once again in case you missed it the first time, it’s absolutely free. When Fragonard launched the magazine it was in an attempt to show that they were more than just a tourist perfumer. They have always been very proud of the company’s heritage but wanted to be able to showcase their other ranges. Alongside the famous fragrances, the company also produces homeware and clothing. With beautiful designs inspired by the Provençal region, as well as the many countries that the owners visit, it’s no wonder that they’re now found in homes all over the world.

Each magazine follows a similar structure and it’s this that has been perfected over the last eight years. For many people this will still be the first time that they’ve read about Fragonard, and so a taste of the history is always included. More recently however there is also more about the sustainability of the company and also the organisations that they help to support, for example the San Joe Puram orphanage. The tantalising glimpses of new products, and the reassuring old favourites, are scattered throughout but it never feels intrusive. So, it’s time to pick some highlights from the current magazine.

There’s a lovely interview with aromachologist Patty Canac, who speaks to Josephine Pichard about the use of scent in wellness and relaxation, and also an article about what “happiness” smells like. What would it smell like to you? The main travel feature in this issue sees the beautiful landscapes of Bhutan revealed. Largely forgotten for many years, you can see the area’s colourful designs carried through into the company’s clothing and home ranges for this year. With details of the latest exhibitions, and a fascinating look at Marie Antoinette by Elisabeth de Feydeau, there really is something for everyone.

The Fragonard magazine is available from the boutiques and also comes free with any online order. Alternatively it can be downloaded from the website by clicking here.


  1. Sounds like an excellent read. I get their regular catalogues through the post with the sachets of samples, but I don't get the magazine.

    1. Hello Barry, the magazine comes with an order or is available in the boutiques, but you can download it through the link. Best, Stephan

    2. Thank you Stephan. I'm a bit old fashioned, I like to have physical magazines and books, rather than something on A screen.

    3. Hello Barry, hint taken ... I'll send you mine. Best, Stephan

    4. It wasn't a hint, I was only saying that I like something physical and not something digital. You are too kind though, thank you Stephan. I shall consider it as a late birthday present :)