Thursday 3 December 2020


When we reach major landmarks in our lives we usually celebrate with a gift, an extravagant holiday, or a party with friends. It’s a way of making memories that can be carried with us, and we revel in every moment. 2020 has been a different experience altogether and many occasions have had to be cancelled or postponed. So it was a wonderful surprise when The Perfume Society announced that they would be releasing a Discovery Box that had some much needed decadence at its core. If you’ve missed an anniversary, or you just want to celebrate reaching December, let me show you the brand new Indulgence Discovery Box.

The Perfume Society has become synonymous with their regular curated selections of the latest scents. It was always a treat to see what Jo Fairley and Lorna McKay would find for us to try but, with trips to the beauty halls becoming a rare thing this year, their Discovery Boxes took on a whole new relevance. They became the way that many perfume fans kept in touch with “latest launches” and “niche” releases, and it’s worth thanking the duo for helping to keep our scented adventures going during numerous lockdowns. However, the pair have really pulled out the stops this time.

The Indulgence Discovery Box challenges your nose to explore some of the newest niche launches alongside some rediscovered classic additions. There’s also the usual bonus gift, and this time it’s an incredible 50g candle from Ruth Mastenbroek’s new range. The box is a mix of 2ml samples and luxury miniatures, so in total you have a whopping 47ml of fragrance, and there’s also the £10 voucher to use against any of Ruth’s candles. I told you it was pretty special. The whole selection also comes in a beautiful gold embossed box which, if you’re anything like me, is destined for future use.

So what do you actually get? We start with the brand new Lalique Les Compositions Parfumées trio of Glorious Indigo, Imperial Green, and Woody Gold, all in 1.8ml samples, before moving on to the wonderfully classic, and extravagant, 5ml miniature of Versace’s 2004 floriental Crystal Noir. The classics continue with another 5ml, this time the beautifully floral Giulietta from Tocca, before we arrive at the complete collection of Carine Roitfeld’s 7 Lovers. Each is based on a sexual encounter in various cities around the world, you can read more in the article I wrote for SacreBleu! magazine, so they give you a chance to live out some scented fantasies in 2ml vials.

Chypre Sublime from Floral Street comes next in a generous 10ml bottle. Created by Jerome Epinette in 2017, it seriously deserves its description of “unapologetically glamorous.” An intriguing surprise then appears from Vines House Parfum. Founded by Rebecca Harrison, Love Story’s 7.5ml displays floral attraction against a backdrop of spicy passion. This leads us to the special gift, which in this case is a stunning 50g candle from Ruth Mastenbroek. Arguably the Queen of Candles, you’ll either receive Rebel County or Ancient Frankincense, which I voted number one in my Top Candle For Christmas.

The Indulgence Discovery Box is available from The Perfume Society website at priced at £36 for non-members or £32 for members. Your only decision will be whether to keep it for yourself or give it as a gift this Christmas? [Indulgence Discovery Box provided by The Perfume Society]

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