Thursday 8 April 2021


One of the greatest joys about perfume is that there is a never-ending stream of new companies and fragrances to discover. However, we often get blinded by the constant adverts for the latest releases from the biggest brands but, sitting quietly on the side lines, there are a multitude just waiting for their chance to shine. If you have the time to do some investigation then you’ll start to uncover some of these hidden treasures, and that’s just what happened when I came across the irresistible
Rose et Marius. Their latest fragrance is called Un rendez-vous avec Cézanne, and it promises “an olfactory journey in Provence.”

Rose et Marius was founded in 2012 by Magali Fleurquin Bonnard, but she was no stranger to the world of luxury fragrance. Magali had spent fifteen years in the beauty industry, working for the likes of Piaget, Kenzo, and Christian Lacroix, but she realised that there was something missing. The majority of the fragrances on the market relied on heavy storytelling and equally dominant aromas, but she longed for a much simpler time. Having grown up in Provence, and having stored a lifetime of scented memories, it was time to share a childhood snapshot of simplicity.

The company originally created their reputation with exquisite soaps and home fragrances. Inspired by the decorative floor tiles of her childhood, you will definitely have seen one of their beautiful designs if you’ve ever visited France. Magali eventually branched out into perfumes, launching a very successful series of seven scents, but 2021 would be the year that a new fragrance would join the line-up. With a much needed goal of meeting friends and creating new memories, Un rendez-vous avec Cézanne promises to ease us gently into a return to normality. So, it’s time to indulge in some well-deserved Provençal travel.

The existing collection of scents had covered everything from exciting citrus through to resinous woods, but the series didn't contain a leather fragrance. So, when it came to translating Paul Cézanne’s favourite Sainte-Victoire mountain into a perfume, it seemed the perfect time to address the oversight. The famous painter had been born in Aix en Provence in 1839 and spent his life there, so the new fragrance would celebrate his incredible talent along with his love of the area. Continuing the company’s championing of French manufacture and streamlined simplicity, it’s time to discover Un rendez-vous avec Cézanne.

The fragrance opens with a bracing blend of aromatic citrus thanks to an exciting combination of lemon, cardamom, and a note of ginger. However it’s quickly joined by a woodier aspect, reminiscent of those forested walks, courtesy of the perfect pairing of cedarwood and pine. The effect of sun-scorched terrain on the other hand is provided by a dusty patchouli and hay-like tobacco leaf, before you're finally greeted by the glorious aroma of a worn and warmed leather satchel. Spiced with a touch of peppered guaiac wood, and perhaps even the trace of a honeyed immortelle smudge of oil paint, this is a wonderful way to indulge in some much needed perfumed escape.

Un rendez-vous avec Cézanne is available from the Rose et Marius website at priced at €7.50 for 5ml or €129 for 50ml. [Bottle pictured is a 10ml review sample provided by Rose et Marius]

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